The Apocalyptic Survival
3 Chapter 3
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The Apocalyptic Survival
Author :Strale
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3 Chapter 3

"How did it all begin?" asked the unknown voice, (both Frank's and Gillian's interviews combined), "it all began...." Gillian started answering but stops to rethink what happened, Frank closes his eyes, and slightly opens his mouth, after a few moments, he began to speak, he said: "it all began in... in that club...". He made a cross look on his face as he looked down at his big hands which were layer out on the desk. Gillian quickly lifts up her right hand to scratch her forehead before proceeding with the answer, "I remember sitting at the bar, drinking my drink and enjoying the music. When suddenly, this person comes towards me and sits next to me. I could feel the wave of wind produced by his body crashing into my face, and as I took a breathe, I could smell his strong cologne" responded Gillian as tilted her head down and looked at her hands. "So, I entered the club, and walked down a few steps to the dance floor, I didn't know where else to go, so I just kept walking forward. I walked through the crowd of people, and as I was passing through the groups of people, I could smell multiple perfumes and colognes, some irritating my nose, while some making my heart flutter. As I reached a clearance, I looked to my right and I saw a bar. So I walked over to the bar and I saw a woman sitting at the bar, so I decided to sit beside her." Frank replied as he lifted his left hand and scratched the back of his head, as he sat back in his chair. "His scent was so masculine, I felt weird, as if I was... safe, and here is the thing, we have not even talked a word to each other, we didn't even exchange looks! So even if I did feel safer, I was still fully aware, and kinda thought through what might happen." Gillian affirmed as she crossed her left leg over her right leg and crossed her arms. "I remember her scent being sweet... elegant... feminine, which I like, so I tried to stay as cool as I possibly could." added Frank as he looked at his feet with a slight grin on his face. "I remember taking a gulp of my drink, and out of nowhere, I hear this deep and sexy voice! I kinda choked on my drink" said Gillian, smiling but trying not to burst out laughing. "I asked the bartender for a drink, when suddenly she began to cough, abruptly, so I began to tap her back and I asked her if she was okay." said Frank, putting his hands in the pockets of his dark blue denim jeans. "I could feel him turning me around toward him and asking me "are you okay?" with his hot voice. I could not help but smell his strong cologne mixed with his suffocating, hot and minty breath. For a second I thought I was in heaven, but I knew that it was real life when I felt his big hands warming my shoulders as he gently shook." voiced as she began to slightly blush. "I got concerned because she looked as if she has passed out, so I decided to gently shake her by her shoulders, and suddenly, as if she woke up, she looks at me as she shakes her head." Frank replied as he began to lick his bottom lip. "How long ago did this happen?" asked the voice, at first, Gillian exhaled loudly, before answering, "about.... one week ago" Gillian guessed. Frank moves his jaw from side to side as she looks around the room, "a week ago... ish" answered Frank.

*One week ago*

Music is playing in the background as people are on the dance floor, dancing to the music, while Frank and Gillian are sitting at the bar, exchanging their very first looks. "I... I am Frank Fallon by the way" said Frank, feeling nervous as he introduces himself, he pushed his right hand out towards Gillian for a handshake. It took a few moments before Gillian made any movement, she reached out her right hand, and embraced Frank's right hand, "and my name is Gillian McGillon, nice to meet you." Gillian introduces herself without any hesitation. Suddenly Frank's smile faded to a straight face, "wait, wait, wait.... McGillon? Are... are you by any chance related to Brett McGillon?" asks Frank as he looks at Gillian with a curious look on his face, "yes" answered Gillian, "actually, he is my father" adds Gillian. She looks at her feet with a frown in her face, than she looks back at Frank, saying "he... he is dead now". Frank looks at Gillian with grief, "oh... I am sorry that I bring that up, I didn't mean to..." Frank apologized to Gillian but gets interrupted by her, "no please, it's okay, you didn't know... it's just that I am stupid for not accepting that he is actually gone, it just seems so... so weird" Gillian told Frank as she is trying not to cry. "It's my fault, I am sorry for bringing it up... want me to buy you a drink?" Frank asks Gillian as she uses a napkin to dry the tears that are in her eyes, "please, don't be sorry, it's okay, at least he is in a safer place now... but I miss him so much... oh crap..." Gillian answers as tears begin to roll down her cheeks, "do you want a drink Gillian, I feel bad for bringing up that topic" Frank tells Gillian as he moves closer towards Gillian, "no thank you, I am good for drinks at the moment" Gillian answers as she smiles at Frank. "So tell me, Gillian, what do you do for a living?" Frank asks Gillian as he rests his head on his left arm, facing Gillian. "well...." Gillian begins answering but the bartender interrupts her as he asks her for a refill of her drink, Gillian shakes her head, answering "no", the bartender quickly walks away from Gillian and Frank to serve other customers. "But yes, I am actually a newbie in the Armed German Forces, I got called over to help with this case... what a coincidence." Gillian says as she takes a sip of her drink. "You?" she asks Frank as she sees Frank intrigued by what she just said, "umm, I am a part of the 'National Civil Armed Forces', or also know as 'NCAF', so we do pretty similar jobs" Frank says as he takes a sip of his drink after he finishes his sentence. "NCAF? That sounds strangely familiar..." Gillian tells Frank as she thinks to herself. She scratches her red hair and opens her eyes widely. "I forgot to say that I was also sent here to help with the case" Frank adds after he swallows the drink. "We might then be working together!" Gillian concludes as she looks at Frank, pleasantly surprised, "that will be sweet, I already like you!" Frank said, and they both laughed as Frank finished his sentence.

Suddenly the cheerful atmosphere turns into a concerning atmosphere as a loud scream can be heard from the entrance of the club. Immediately, Frank and Gillian turn around, facing the approximate direction where the loud scream came from. They could see that the people on the dance floor began to back up toward Gillian and Frank, suddenly a strong quake strikes the club. Gillian immediately grabs onto Frank as her chair loses balance, most of the people that are standing on the dance floor collapsed to the ground, drinks spill as the glass cups topple over, the lights begin to flash and blink abruptly as the lanterns begin to swing from side to side as the walls begin to crack. The quakes last for a few minutes before everything stops still, the lights keep on blinking abruptly. The silence was broken as a loud scream bounced off the walls of the room and blood sprayed onto the wall, afterwards, a loud growl could be heard as people begin to panic and run around the club trying to evade the zombies.

*To be continued*


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