The Apocalyptic Survival
2 Chapter 2
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The Apocalyptic Survival
Author :Strale
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2 Chapter 2

"Hey there, my name is Frank Fallon. I am another survivor from the zombie apocalypse that happened in Armull, I... I don't know what to say, it was like an impossible mission" said Frank, looking down at the desk, as he moves his jaw from side to side, "I remember telling myself that it was all going to be okay, that this was going to be like every other mission, except that in Armull, there was a zombie outbreak, that happened 5 years ago. I am also a part if the 'National Civil Armed Forces' or 'NCAF' for short, I forgot to mention that, and also that is one of the reasons why I got contacted to go to Ireland, and of course I agreed, they said that people needed help, and it is my job to help people that need it, but anyway, I got on my flight a few days later to Dublin, not knowing that I was about to get myself into literally a living nightmare. It is the only thing that I can compare it to" Frank said as he sat back with his legs wide apart and his hands intertwined, covering his crotch. He bits his lip and looks around the room. "Can you tell us more Frank? Are you hiding something?" said an unknown voice that was directly opposite to Frank. "Even if I was hiding something, even if I didn't want to tell you what that was, you would still know what it is that I am hiding, you have access to all of the fucking documents, you know what happened, don't you?" Frank answered as he grew angrier. "We just want to hear your side of the story, Frank, we believe that every story has two or more sides, but we will not let you go until you tell us EXACTLY what happened in Armull, so you can choose to begin now and finish earlier, or begin later and finish later, we are in absolutely no rush" said the voice, almost provoking Frank. Frank clenched his teeth and gripped his fists, as he sat up, placing his both fists on the table. He closed his eyes as he tilted his head towards the ceiling lights, taking in one deep breath before opening his mouth and beginning to speak, "it's all began...".
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