Stepping Stones Saga
14 Update on Stepping Stones Saga Status
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Stepping Stones Saga
Author :ASlyDrake
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14 Update on Stepping Stones Saga Status


As some of you may have seen, the story is now officially considered as a dropped one. Due to some personal reasons, I was unable to write for the past few months and now that I'm finally able to do so again, I decided to start a new story for the Phenomenal Author Evolution contest.

The contest basically gives authors a way of gaining a bit of fame, good advice from experienced editors and even a shot at a contract.

If you would like to continue supporting me, please take a look at my submission - Resurgence of the Rogue Blacksmith. The story is in another genre, the Gaming one, specifically it is a twist on the VRMMORPG genre.

You can find more information about the novel in the synopsis and auxiliary chapter, but I can share a bit more info here:

1. I will post chapters based on the contest's requirements (20 chapters until it is over on the 15th of January).

2. I will write bonus chapters until then and mass release them the day after the contest. The number of these will depend on the support I get, of course.

3. If the story wins any of the 4 rounds (6 chances at a prize each round), I will be gifting away all of the 100SS vouchers I win, after I receive them. Webnovel has said they will send them out by the 22nd of January.

4. I hope that the story will be interesting, as I have planned it to go a bit differently than typical stories of this genre, if you may call it that.

Adding that story to your library and voting for it with your power stones will give me a higher chance at winning the popularity award every round.

Thank you for the support and the comments and reviews, I'm sad that Stepping Stones Saga will not continue, but hope that you will enjoy my new book. @@


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