Side Character Quick Transmigration
3 Pervert. Not yet edited
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Side Character Quick Transmigration
Author :SunJia345
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3 Pervert. Not yet edited

The male lead is definitely the male lead. With that kind of appearance and temperament, no matter where you place him in the crowds, he would still stand out. Any girls or women would probably stare at him with hearts in their eyes. However, all of these are wasted on Li Hua Jia. She, well, has too many issues to be considered "normal". Whenever Li Hua Jia thinks of doing the deed with another person, she can't help feeling nauseous. She loves watching other people do or just pleasure herself on her own. Therefore, she will need to experiment.

After Mu Mingcheng left, Li Hua Jia started conversing with Baobao in her head.

-How is his aura?-


-Him then?-

[It might be a bit difficult but host, do your best.]

-Is there any other suitable candidate? The second male lead, perhaps?-

[I need to face him before I can clearly appraise him, host.]

-I'll find the opportunity.-

Li Hua Jia just wanted more options, just so she could find someone she can bear to do it with. Especially, since the person will be her first, she needs to be more cautious.

Li Hua Jia thought back to the plot line when she was alone in her room. The second male lead in this world is definitely a gentleman. His name is Wang Jaoyue. His family position is on par with the male lead. Though, whether his ability is equal with the male lead or not, that is difficult to say. Still, because the female lead's heart is with the male lead, how could the poor man has any chance of winning?

For now, Li Hua Jia decides to experiment with the male lead first. It will be difficult since the male lead is meant to be Song Sulou's man. However, Li Hua Jia thought it would be a waste to not try. Besides, she doesn't need the man's heart. She only need his energy. With her current look and body, it would worth a try.

There will soon be a big project that Mu Mingcheng need to personally overlook. It was the construction of a hotel skyscraper. This would present Li Hua Jia the opportunity she needed. After all, Mu YuYao's major was interior design. In the storyline, Mu YuYao's design was chosen. Because of that, her position in the Mu Group was recognized.

She got up and carried all the things that are used to draw outside. She found Butler Jong and asked where she could write or draw outside. Butler Jong was a man in his late 50s. He exuded a wise man aura. Li Hua Jia knows that Butler Jong is treated like a family member by Father Mu. So her behavior is polite and cautious. The man brought her to the westside pavilion.

Just as she had predicted. She was already familiar with this enormous mansion because of Mu YuYao's memory. She was just trying to avoid suspicion later on. After all, the place Butler Jong brought her to is the place that Mu Mingcheng loves to come and brood about stuff. Butler Jong was just trying to be helpful because he thought this place would help her work better.

She didn't know if the male lead would come here today but it didn't matter. She would just come here often to work. It would just be a coincident to meet each other.

There was a big round table and chairs surrounded by various types of flower. The pavilion really is a magnificent view. This kind of place or even this kind of enormous castle they call a "house", is something Li Hua Jia never imagine she would ever see in real life. Still, if she really cared much about these outside materials, she would not be content with her last life.

Li Hua Jia put all the stuffs in her hands down and started drawing based on her memory. She would add one or two thing just as she felt like.

The indifferent woman probably forgot of her outstanding appearance after she focused on her work. She wore a normal white blouse and skin tight jean. Mu YuYao's taste in fashion is a bit peculiar. All of the clothes she owned are white and none of them can show her figure well. If this was Li Hua Jia before, she wouldn't mind these kind of clothes as it would not draw her any attention. Besides, she didn't have the figure to show off anyway.

However, now she needs to be as stand out as possible. So she tied the white blouse to her small waist and chose a normal looking tight jean. Still, because of her figure, this simple combination looked deadly. She completed the look with a pair of heels.

When Mu Mingcheng stepped into his favorite spot, what he saw was a scene of beauty. The woman was standing with her back to him. She was so focused on her task that she did not notice his arrival. Whenever she moves her arm, her small waist would be exposed a little. The deadliest part was her full buttock and pair of slender legs. They really arouse a man's imagination.

Mu Mingcheng is also a man. Moreover, he is the manliest among man. So how would he not be moved by such a scene? Still, it wasn't enough to make him impulsive. He was about to turn back when the woman stepped on her own foot and fell backward.

Before he could think, his body already moved. His strong arms embraced her delicate body. One of his big palm is on her waist, while the other is on her butt. His body stiffened upon contact. When he was enjoying the view before, he thought that her waist is quite small. Now that he was holding it, he finally realized how small it was. His other hand is accidentally on her butt. The full and bouncy feeling is quite addictive that he forgot to move his hand.

The soft woman in his arms has such a fragrance smell. She smells like flower and nature. It was different from any perfume. A very pleasant smell.

He looked down to find her small face already red beyond compare. Her indifferent pair of eyes are not so indifferent anymore this time when she looked at him. Maybe she was too embarrassed and shocked, her eyes are now a bit watery. The moment that pair of moving eyes locked with his, he found that his heart couldn't stay still.

Li Hua Jia is trying her best to not push the male lead away at this moment. Actually, the moment the male lead stepped into this pavilion, Baobao already informed her. It was just that she did not know how to naturally turn to face him. So when she made up her mind to turn around, her stupid leg messed up. Who knew that heels were so hard to master?

Now she was in his hard embrace and he didn't seem to have any intention of letting go. His hands are also at places they shouldn't be. From his appearance, she really couldn't tell that he was such a big pervert. His gaze is also turning a bit dangerous. What to do????

"m…Um…Big Brother. Y-you're back." Li Hua Jia tried to steady her emotions. She looked down to avoid his gaze.

"Un." The man really treasured his words. Still, shouldn't he let her go now? Li Hua Jia rolled her eyes in her head.

"Um….t-thanks, big brother. I…I'm alright now." She still evades his gaze. She wasn't shy. She was just not used to people's touch. She doesn't feel well about this. Very uncomfortable. So her emotions are too bare right now. She couldn't let the male lead see that.

"Un." The indifferent woman from breakfast is now losing control her emotion and squirming around in his arms. He couldn't see her attractive eyes but from how red her face is, he couldn't help thinking she was quite adorable.

Being reminded that he could let go, he finally and reluctantly let her go. When the softness left his arm, his heart couldn't help but feel a bit empty. He feigned a cough and straighten up before draw her attention elsewhere.

"What are you doing here?" The man's deep voice sounded.

"I wanted to draw something. " Li Hua Jia's answer is very concise.

[Host, shouldn't you try to talk more with your target?] Baobao can't help but feel worried.

-Shut up.-


Mu Mingcheng looked at her again. She has already turned back to her indifferent self where no unnecessary emotion is shown. Impressive.

"You remember the way in this house quite well.'' After all, this pavilion is a bit far from the main mansion. She had never come here nor had she gone out of her room much when she visited home from school.

"Uncle Jong brought me here. He might have thought that I would work better here. After all, this place is truly peaceful." Of course, Li Hua Jia knows what he was hinting about. But why should she accept that she was really scheming for a chance to meet him?

This man is either really paranoid or really smart. He looks too deep into thing.

Well, he can't really keep on questioning her after this answer, right? Mu Mingcheng did not think much after hearing that answer. He turned to look at what she was working. One look, he was stunned. The design she was drawing is too elegant. Very fitting with the Mu Group's new hotel project.

Not only is she beautiful, she is also talented. Mu Mingcheng didn't know that his opinion for her has somewhat risen again.


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