Reincarnating into Spider-Man
1 Chapter 1: Beginning a new life in a strange new world
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Reincarnating into Spider-Man
Author :franklynfell
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1 Chapter 1: Beginning a new life in a strange new world

Pain. Extreme gut-wrenching pain, beyond anything I ever thought possible. Then nothing, no pain, no relief, just the feeling of floating. It feels like a dream where you are flying at a very calming pace. After what feels like days I start to feel again. Then I seem to be sitting in my bedroom about to eat my favorite dinner (Orange mandarin chicken with pilaf fried rice), but just as I was about to dig into my dinner a man came in to my room which startled me.

He looked old but youthful at the same time. He looked like he was nervous and a little guilty about something. Nervously waving his hands in a jazz hand motion "Welcome to the afterlife…. sorry, Zack you might not remember this but you kind of died." Zack: "I died? Aw man, I just found a job too. You know how hard it was for me to find a job at my age without any experience. Hard!!!" Sigh, "How did I die? Did it at least matter in some way?" Young/old man (Y/O from now on): "You died in a way no have died before. You kind of blew up, like a balloon that had too much air pumped into it. When you blew up you were sitting on the bus going to work and POP! Zack piñata and you got everywhere. That was why it took so long to find all of you soul as it too blew up into little chunks. Any later and I would not have been able to put you back together again. To answer your other question, it did not affect anything as I wiped everyone's mind and had one of my subordinate replace you and live out your life as you would have."

That is weird, why would he do that? Zack: "Why? It's not like it's your fault I died right?" Y/O: "Well it kind of was, I was plucking my nose hairs and had the mortal channel set on earth while I did it. Right when I got a particularly bad one it was on you and I happen to sneeze and that is what caused you to blow up." Zack: "YOU WHAT!!!" Bowing on the floor he said "I'M so sorry I didn't mean to. I will do anything in my power to make it up to you. Just please do not tell my boss I could get fired for this and being fired here means that you are wiped from the multiverse." I looked at him with fury in my eyes. Then I calmed myself down. "You said anything right?" He responds, "Anything that won't break the balance of the universe". Ok I can work with this.

"There are Four things I want. First I want to be reincarnated." He nods "Second, I want it to be in a mesh of the marvel comics and the movie universes" He nods again "Third, I want to be born as Peter Parker also known as Spider-Man" A little hesitant he nods at this too "And Lastly I want a full-fledged system" His eyes go wide at that last part. "Are you kidding I can't do that. If you wanted to you could do permanent harm to that universe." "Well looks like I am going to have to talk to your boss then." Fuming he grinds his teeth "Fine you can have it, on one condition." "What's that?" "You, Zack now to be known as Peter Parker can have your system but you can never be the strongest in that universe. If you can agree to that and never tell any other deity level person about where you got it then I am willing to let you have it." Thinking it over I knew that I would not ever want to leave that place. I mean come on you have Natasha Romanoff looking like Scarlett Johansson and Sue Storm looking like Jessica Alba and many other very attractive female supers there I think I will like it just fine. I look at him and say, "You got yourself a deal partner."

"Ok Peter let get your system set up and bonded to your soul, so no one will find it and try to steal it." He waves his hand and a ball of light rest on top of his palm. Smiling he said, "Oh, ya I forgot to tell you the main reason we don't let mortals have these. It hurts a lot." Before I could react to his words he slams his palm onto my chest and a pain even worse than when I died surged though my very soul, and that is when I heard something say. *Marvel's Ultimate System bonding with host. ETA till completion 10 minute and counting. 9:59 9:58.... * Each second felt like a life time and each minute was a step closer to the breakdown of my psyche. I just barely managed to hold onto my sanity. *M.U.S. has successfully bonded with host. Welcome Peter and let's begin the tutorial. The system has three main functions 1. Status 2. Missions 3. Inventory. Status, this is where you will see how well you are developing, your level, and your abilities. Missions, this is the main way that you will get level ups and items that will help you in your life. Inventory, this is where you can store your belongings and the best part is the stuff you put in it weights nothing as it is a sub dimension that is only accessible to you. *

Y/O: "Ok Peter, this is where I say goodbye and good luck out there. Oh, before you go I also should let you know you will not be in control of your body until you get the spider bite so good luck and try not to go insane in there. HAHAHA" Before I can even curse at this guy I am plunged in to a fetus that can't move. So, the next eight months, two weeks, three days, and seven hours, twenty-seven seconds later I was finally born, and yes that is how long it was seeing as I counted every mind numbing second of it as that was the only thing that kept me sane. As I wished I was born Peter Benjamin Parker, My father was Richard Laurence Parker and my mother was Mary Teresa Parker.


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