Reborn: Super God of War
584 Blood Wings
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Reborn: Super God of War
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584 Blood Wings

At the periphery of the Crystalsong Forest.

Baili Xuanyuan and the Xuanyuan Alliance's army had arrived, with a look from Baili Xuanyuan, everyone immediately understood and started to search the surroundings.

After a while, a team leader came forward and said, "Boss, there's no trace of Eighteen Massacres."

Baili Xuanyuan's eyes turned cold. "Eighteen Massacres has numerous treasures of the Blood Sub-Shrine, he must be found! The 200 of you, immediately gather the Hunters within our Xuanyuan Alliance. No matter what, even if you have to use Flare Arrow to search the whole forest, Eighteen Massacres must be found! I need to return to the Blood Sub-Shrine now for the coronation ceremony."

"Understood!" replied the leader respectfully.

At the City of Light, City Leader's Mansion.

Lin Jie sat within the City Leader's Mansion by himself with the pile of items in front of him. Those were all items dropped by Eighteen Massacres without exception! That ambitious man had planned everything out, but at the last moment, he had been betrayed by his ally and had landed in the hands of his mortal enemy—it could be said to be a tragic ending.

Three deaths, although the reason was unknown, what was important was the result, and that was Eighteen Massacres had crazily dropped his items like a Boss.

Naturally, there was a large number of good items in Eighteen Massacres' backpack, and just the Health Overdraft Potions and Mana Overdraft Potions alone were as many as 1,200 bottles.

[Health Overdraft Potion]: Recovers 3,500 Health Points, special effect overdraft. Overdraft, you recover an additional 3,500 Health Points and lose 6,000 Health Points in 12 seconds.

Such potions were not allowed to be sold in the Guild of Light, but such potions were extremely useful in key moments. Lin Jie turned his attention to the other items. The items were mainly divided into three types.

The first type was the pile of rare materials, also Eighteen Massacres' Dark Gold Metamagnetic Battle Armor and his other weapons, which were one of the best.

The second was a small bag of Hell Dew.

The third was the Book of the Dark Age.

Eighteen Massacres was the Kingdom of Glory's guild leader, so the materials in his backpack were the best available, such as Sticky Fire Element, Solar Crystal, Demon King's Tears, and so on. These rare materials were mixed with the equipment of Eighteen Massacres on the floor and casually piled up on the ground.

Lin Jie waved his right hand, and his Broken Blade was unsheathed. A vibrating sound could be heard, then suddenly it turned into clanging sounds of metals. It was as if the pile of materials was torn apart by the whirlwind and instantly turned into dust, being absorbed by Broken Blade.

Broken Blade was like the eye of the storm, absorbing all the essence of the materials and sending the remaining energy into the Supplementary Sword. In less than half an hour, the pile of extremely valuable materials had all been absorbed!

It was simply shocking! The materials and equipment Eighteen Massacres had dropped were worth much more than tens of millions! However, now they had all benefited Lin Jie, no, it should be Broken Blade, which had earned big time.

What a pity that Broken Blade's attributes did not grow at all. It looked like it must obtain the next blade to be able to evolve further.

The second loot was the Hell Dew! The small amount of liquid in the bag contained the life essence produced when a Demon King Devil evolved. It was great nourishment to Undead creatures, and the grade of any Bronze or Silver Undead Summoned Beast could increase by at least two grades after using the Hell Dew! Also, all of one's Dark Shrine skills would be strengthened or even directly become a forever evolving skill.

However, to normal people, the Hell Dew was poison! The effects were also extremely strong—50% chance of dying!

"Hell Dew is also a precious treasure in the Dark Shrine, not trying it just because one is afraid of death is simply too dumb." Lin Jie grabbed that bag and swallowed all of the Hell Dew. Once it entered Lin Jie's mouth, it was like a thick and bloody liquid surged into his mouth, then a weird sweetness could be tasted.

There was only a 50% chance of dying from drinking the Hell Dew.

However, if one could survive, then the rewards would be great!

Lin Jie felt pain from his lower abdomen like his organs were mixing together under the guidance of the viscous liquid, making Lin Jie suffer terribly. It was the symptom of death!

Lin Jie complained about how realistic the pain settings of the system were in his heart while sighing at his bad luck.

Just at that moment, his Holy Light Winged Armor suddenly appeared. Blood flowed towards the Holy Light Winged Armor and covered it in a layer of blood-red light, making it seem extremely enchanting!

—'Your Holy Light Winged Armor has evolved, the skill [Blood Wings] has been added.'

[Blood Wings]: Status skill, can be switched freely. Your Holy Light Winged Armor loses its defensive abilities, but it will be converted into equivalent Attack Power and provide a 10% Life-Steal effect for you.


—'You have absorbed the Hell Dew. You have received 50 Strength Stat points, your skill [Heart of Enrage] has increased by 1 level.'

Lin Jie was elated. He never expected that it was Holy Light Winged Armor that had come to the rescue at the crucial moment! However, it was not weird as the Holy Light Winged Armor was originally a Bone Membrane Armor, a dark weapon, thus absorbing the Hell Dew to evolve was a matter of course.

Meanwhile, the Hell Dew had been completely absorbed and increased a total of 50 Strength Stat points for Lin Jie. It also increased the level of the Heart of Enrage by one, which was the hardest skill to raise. As expected of a Divine Item produced only when Demon Kings evolved!

That's right, it was a Divine Item!

The last book was the weirdest item—Book of the Dark Age! It was similar to the Book of the Undead Age in Qiu Yuan's hands. Lin Jie even vaguely felt that the Sealed Dusty Book was the same type of item or higher than the two Books of the Age.

Before leaving, Lin Jie thought of something and flipped his right hand. Then satin apparel as smooth as silk and as thin as a cicada's wings landed in his hand—that was the Heritage Armor! The outer appearance of the Heritage Armor could be changed according to the owner's will. As he held that Heritage equipment, Lin Jie could not help but smile. 'They've actually given me such a huge gift!' He did not equip it, but instead, he stored it away carefully.

Lin Jie left the City Leader's Mansion and walked towards the library.

The library was a place to store books. There were various different types of books in The New Age, knowledge of skills, history, explanations by famous people, myths, and legends—it could be said to be all-encompassing. If players studied them carefully, it would not be difficult to become the Master of a certain field! There were even many books that had the explanation and demonstration of techniques, like Floating Combo and Combo Attack, which Warriors used. Meanwhile, if Living players read relevant books, it could even increase one's proficiency, and some players had even found clues of Primordial treasures from books.

As the old saying said, "In the book, there is a shade of jade; in the book, there is a house of gold[1].

In Lin Jie's previous life, whenever he had felt irritated, he had liked coming to the library as he could understand the magnificent history of The New Age while relaxing.

"Dear friend, welcome to the library. I hope you will be able to find the knowledge you are looking for."

At the entrance of the library, there was a librarian wearing round spectacles, having messy hair, and looking like an automaton. That was the librarian, Shawn, a normal worker in the library and also one of the most knowledgeable people in the City of Light. He was proficient in various old languages.

When Shawn saw that Lin Jie had come, his eyes lit up, and he said respectfully, "Lord City Leader, welcome to the library. You will have a fruitful time here. If you need help, I will be very willing to help you."

"Thank you, Mr. Shawn," replied Lin Jie with respect too.

A shred of astonishment and happiness appeared on the NPC Shawn's face. As an NPC worker with a lowly status, there were no hidden missions nor special attributes on Shawn. Thus, although the attitude of the players, in the beginning, was still counted as friendly, when they realized that regardless of their attitude, he would still help them, then they would just order Shawn around.

Meanwhile, this scholar with a low status had gradually gotten used to it. However, now the City Leader with a high status had treated him respectfully, which made Shawn feel flattered.

"Lord City Leader, what do you need?" asked Shawn. "There are many books in the library, so if it's inconvenient for you to find them, I can help you."

Lin Jie took out the Sealed Dusty Book and said, "I would like to find books regarding this. Maybe, you might be able to recognize these words?"

After carefully observing the book, Shawn raised his head in doubt and said, "Lord, I am unable to understand what is written, it seems to be a language from the Primordial period. Normally, these languages can be identified, but I would need to find items from the same era to be able to recognize the words."

Lin Jie was shocked. Others may not know, but he clearly understood that Shawn had learned 10,000 years of The New Age's history by heart. Therefore, this item was not from this age? Maybe, once beyond this age, then the words could not be deciphered? Lin Jie tried his luck and passed the Book of the Dark Age into Shawn's hands.

"Ah, this is the Book of the Age! Rumors say that each Book of the Age contained the essence of that age, and the most important historical events would be recorded within! This book recorded a brutal and dark age. This book should have 20 pages, and you have not completed it."

"You could recognize the Book of the Age, but not this Sealed Dusty Book?" Lin Jie frowned.

"Yes, Lord. Maybe it is because it's too old. How about this, please follow me as I will bring you into the backup room of the library. There are countless books in there, but they are all not validated. You might be able to find the answer you are looking for there."

"Thank you."

Lin Jie respectfully walked beside Shawn. Indeed, each NPC was useful in their unique ways, and Shawn was actually able to enter the backup room! It was the room that stored all books, and it was said that there were countless Primordial The New Age books.

Lin Jie licked his lips as his eyes lit up when he saw the backup room in front of him.

[1] A famous Chinese idiom which encourages one to absorb as much knowledge could be learned from books and books are our best teachers.


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