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Purple Dawn Till Dusk : dearest trough the time
Author :climbersitsme
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But, then Senja shook her head. What a dirty thought! Hold yourself together girl Senja reprimanded herself and cursed under her breath due to the distraction in front of her. It was hard to keep her face straight.

"If I said, in the beginning I just knew that I could read it and didn't realize it was different language from what we use, would you believe me?" Senja said softly.

"No," Xiao Tianyao replied curtly.
"Why you have to wait until Sana deciphered it first before you tell me?"

Senja bit down her lips and averted her eyes. "If I said the truth, would you believe me?"
"Try." Xiao Tianyao raised his eyebrows. He wanted to know what Senja's excuse now.

Senja swallowed to moisten her dry throat. "I wanted to humiliate Sana if she failed to decipher the letter or she was telling lie. She is a liar and had schemed against me before. Moreover Sana clearly said that night that she had knew the content, but deliberately drag the time. She must have hidden agenda." Senja raised her head and looked at Xiao Tianyao's eyes firmly. She looked more confident now.

Well, she was telling the truth after all. "I know it sound childish." Senja added hastily, "But, I don't like her." She scowled sullenly.

There was a silence again as Xiao Tianyao ascertain the truth behind Senja's word. "That reason is more suitable for you." He finally released his gripped on Senja wrist and straighten his back.

"Which one?" Senja puzzled. "The childish one?"

Unfortunately, he didn't answer her and backed away to the table where the letter was left. This time, it was Senja who chased after him. "Hey, answer me! I am not childish!" She shouted agitatedly.

She knew that she was being unreasonable with that reason. But, she is not childish, is she?

"Look into this one more time." Xiao Tianyao gave the secret letter and Sana's translation back to Senja.
"I am not childish." Senja stated with pout and refused to accept it while Xiao Tianyao kept holding the letter right in front of her face.

"Check this."
"I am not childish." Senja said it again, still refused to look into the letter.
"Fine. You are not childish, now look this over." Xiao Tianyao finally relented. Sometimes her action and word left him speechless.

"Okey." Without commission Senja took the letter and read it again, but she couldn't find anything strange about the translation of the letter. "There is nothing wrong with the translation…" Senja muttered absentmindedly. What Sana had written was the exact word.

With Senja affirmation, Xiao Tianyao finally convinced, even so he still felt something was amiss. Based on the conversation between Leader Mo and Bian last night about the lack of reaction from Xiao Wang Wei and L clan leader, Gooza, there must be something more.

Xiao Tianyao crossed his arm while deep in thought. He stroked his clean chin lightly. People said that men were more attractive when they concentrated, and it applied perfectly to him. Senja couldn't help, but ogled at him again.

"What are you looking?" Xiao Tianyao asked brusquely because when he raised his head, only to found Senja was looking at him with the same eyes like before, and her eyes were sparkling when she answered him.

"I love the look a man has on his face when he is trying to figure something out. It is insanely attractive to me." Senja blurted out with childlike smile on her cherry lips. She meant her words as a praised to him. However, she forgot like always that she wasn't in the era that she could talk about something like that leisurely.


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