Pokemon Pearl
28 Chapter 28 - Control Panels for What?
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Pokemon Pearl
Author :Marc0702
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28 Chapter 28 - Control Panels for What?

A few days after that raid, Lucas took his son to his workplace for a tour. Rico was very excited, having never seen his father's workplace before.

Arriving at Lucas' workplace, which is an electronics manufacturing company, Lucas showed his son the processes of production of various electronics like smartphones, radios, computer sets, etc. Rico was so amazed at these technological innovations, with his Riolu and Litleo out of their Pokeballs. He also discovered even the processes of metal and metallic sheets before use.

"Wow, these are so cool!" he enthusiastically commented, "High tech!"

"Ri-olu!" Riolu happily responded.

"Lit-leo, Lit!" Litleo happily responded.

Oh, you think that's cool?" Lucas retorted in happiness, "Check out our latest model of a new smartphone;" he then lead his son to a showroom full of gadgets. Riolu and Litleo then followed them.

At the company's showroom, Lucas showed Rico the electronic products of his company, everything from ordinary cellphones to large PCs. Some of them have unique features like extra buttons, a separate pen, smart security system, etc. He then showed him the lastest smartphone, the Keneyan TCP 67-I, whose predecessor is the Keneyan TCP 65-I, which is Rico's current smartphone. The features of it are faster device charging, bigger face and back cameras, an even louder sound system, and a mysterious feature that is yet to be revealed.

"Wow, that's so awesome and cool!!!" Rico commented in excitement while glancing towards it.
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"Ri-olu, Ri!" Riolu added in excitement.

"Yes, and there's a new feature we just added and retrofitted," Lucas brightly replied.

"What is it?" Rico responded in asking. Smiling, Lucas replied, "You'll find out when you use it in your Pokémon journey." Calming down, Rico replied, "Oh, okay then." That new smartphone, however, will be Rico's new tool to greater aid and communication, and will change his life forever.

Some time later, they went to the manager's office to see Alen, Lucas' employer. And as they enter his office, Alen, dressed in a white long-sleeved, green textile necktie, black business suit, brown pants, and white socks and black shoes, greeted them in friendliness and a jolly voice.

"Hello, there, sir," Lucas greeted him back, "Good morning."

"I see, you have a son?" Alen responded back.

"Yes, this is Rico Titus, my son," Lucas introduced Rico to Alen. Then to Rico, "Titus, this Alen, he's my manager and the manager of this company." Giving Alen a handshake, Rico responded in friendliness, "Nice to meet you, sir." Accepting it, Alen replied, "Nice to meet you too." Riolu then responded in happiness.

Meanwhile, in the same time, Red Eye and his team needed some parts for their grand weapon, so they'll raid an electronics warehouse for control panels and screens.

Back at the company, at the meeting room, Alen explained to Lucas and Rico about the processes of their products, in every detail, while Riolu was playing with a Shinx stuffed doll on the clean floor. Rico seems to be interested at electronics, jotting notes in his notebook.

"And...we'll introduce our latest product on the market," Alen announced, "Control Panels for every need."

"Wow, that's a good idea, sir," Lucas replied in enthusiasm, "We had expanded our field to non-personal electronics."

"Yes," Alen replied, "We had those new products ready and stored in the warehouse."

Later, it's lunch time, and everyone was in the dining hall to eat, drink, and chat. Since it'll be a conversation for adults only, Rico decided to look around the building to pass time, along with Riolu.

At the hallway, Rico bought a soda can for 200 Pokedollars from a vending machine; also, a sandwich filled with cheese and mayonnaise for 150 Pokedollars. After that, he and Riolu sat down on a metal bench, and ate their quick meal, drinking and sharing.

Meanwhile, in the same time, Red Eye and his team are on the roof of the company's warehouse. They then cut a hole on the roof using their high-tech laser cutter weapon-tool. Once cut, they stomped on it, causing it to to fall to the warehouse below; the cut-out roof piece then was crashed into pieces. They then descended down on their Z.Z. Flyers. Once landed, they get off, and start searching for their target parts, looking around the dark, huge room holding their flashlights; also, their Pokémon are out of their Pokeballs so they could guard them.

In the meantime, Rico just finished his light meal, and he and Riolu then moved on to check out the warehouse whilst throwing the trash into their respective bins. They then took a left turn towards the warehouse entrance.

Arriving in the warehouse entrance, the pair found out that the huge room was dark, so Rico light up with his flashlight. They went through, deeper and deeper, looking at boxes and crates of products and parts. He looked at labels and prices.

"Woah, those stuff are so interesting cool," Rico thought.

"Ri-olu," Riolu added in plain. They then continued their trek.

Later, they heard footsteps, dragging of sacks, crashing of things, and sayings of commands, and they hid behind a large wooden crate, and shushed Riolu to prevent it from uttering a noise. Red Eye and his team are about to check that large crate, but they didn't do it, and just left them. Seeing the close was clear, the pair got out of their hiding place, and resumed their trek.

And as they continue searching, Rico bumped into a Pokémon Pincher female grunt, who was holding a sack full of gadgets and parts; after that, they both screamed, before the female grunt got away with sack.

"Get back here!" Rico exclaimed while getting up.

"Ri-Riolu!" Riolu seriously responded. The pair then started to chase her. The chased her all the way to the center of the room. And as Rico catching his breath, Red Eye greeted him in villain style.

"Ri?" Riolu responded in surprise. Then in a serious state, "Riolu!" Upon seeing Red Eye, Rico got angry and responded, "What? Not you again!"

"That's right, kid," Red Eye responded in style.

"Yeah," his two grunts added in the same time and style. Rico and Riolu then got angry and furious at them.

"What are you doing here?" Rico responded in demanding.

"'Oh, you know, getting parts for our "project,"' Red Eye retorted in answering. His grunts then loaded the two sacks onto their Z.Z. Flyers.

"That's stealing!" Rico responded in telling the law, "You won't get away with this!"

"Riolu!" Riolu responded in anger.

"Oh, what are you? A police officer?" Red Eye retorted in response, "Well then, try to stop us." He and his team then called their Pokémon, two Geodudes, two Vanillishes, and a Cranidos, into battle. In response, Rico called his Litleo and Piplup into battle. His two Pokémon then stepped into battle, joining Riolu. The battle was a three versus five Pokémon.

"Woah, I seen that Pokémon before," Rico commented in mild seriousness upon seeing Cranidos. He then checked in his Pokédex; the Pokédex then responded, "Cranidos, the Head Butt Pokémon. A Rock-type. It lived in jungles around 100 million years ago. Its skulls is as hard as iron."

"Wow, nice," Rico calmly commented.

"Vanillish, use Ice Beam!" Red Eye commanded one of the Vanillishes, "And Cranidos, use Ancient Power!"

"Riolu, use Focus Blast!" Rico commanded his Pokémon, "Litleo, use Flamethrower!" Riolu and Litleo then used Focus Blast and Flamethrower, blocking the opponent's attacks in midair; the attacks then cut through opponent's Ice Beam, but it didn't got the enough power to cut Ancient Power, causing the latter to strike Riolu effectively while Flamethrower struck Vanillish very effective.

All those noise alerted Lucas and Alen, who were about to check out the warehouse for the latest product. In an alerted response, the pair burst opened the door, only to see Rico and his Pokémon battling Red Eye and his team.

"What's going on here?" Lucas asked in demanding.

"My products! No!" Alen exclaimed in desperate. Turning around to see them, Rico responded, "Dad, someone's trying to steal your products!" In response, Lucas stepped into battle, joining his son and his Pokémon. He then called out his Samurott. Upon seeing it, Rico asked in stunning, "Who's that Pokémon? I seen that before." He then checked in his Pokédex; his Pokédex then responded, "Samurott, the Formidable Pokémon, and the final evolved form of Oshawott. A Water-type. One swing of the sword Incorporated in its armor can fell an opponent. A simple glare from one of them quiets everybody."

"Woah, awesome," Rico calmly commented.

"Samurott, use Hydro Pump!" Lucas commanded Samurott in serious coolness. Samurott then used Hydro Pump, blasting water at high power, striking the two Geodudes very effectively.

"Quickly, Litleo, use Flamethrower!" Rico commanded Litleo in seriousness. Litleo then used Flamethrower, scorching the two Vanillishes with an intense blast of fire, wrapping them in fire, striking them very effectively. But all of them was a distraction for Red Eye to load the sacks onto the Z.Z. Flyers, even though Rico and Lucas defeated most of their Pokémon.

"Ha! This is all a distraction and diversion," Red Eye retorted in style. Then to his grunts, "Call back all of your Pokémon. We're done here;" he then called back his Cranidos. His grunts did so, calling back their Pokémon. They get on their Z.Z. Flyers and ascended up to the roof through the hole; they then fled the place as Red Eye laughed like a maniac villain. After that battle, Rico commented in frustration, "They got away!"

"Ri-olu," Riolu responded in seriousness.

"It's okay," Alen replied in desperate as he walked towards them, "All I needed to do is give them up and manufacture again."

"Oh, I see why," Rico calmly replied. Then to Lucas, "Dad, I...I..."

"It's okay, Titus," Lucas briefly and calmly answered, "We'll make them again."

Later at afternoon, at the front entrance of the company, Alen said to Lucas and Rico, "Thanks for trying to stop them. We know you two did your best. It's okay, we'll manufacture those products again."

"Thank you," Lucas replied.

"Yeah," Rico happily added.

"Let's go home, Titus," Lucas said to Rico, who had called back all of his Pokémon and put them in his Pokebelt. Rico then nodded in agreement with him. He and Rico then walked away as Alen wavered them goodbye.

In the meantime, at the Soratas Mountains, Red Eye and his team attached their stolen parts to their weapon. It was in the final stages.


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