Magical ties
170 Yona’s talk with John
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Magical ties
Author :Katie_Torres_3147
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170 Yona’s talk with John

the next morning Yona is up and out of the house early. He meets up with John at the church. John and a few of the church ladies are getting things ready for Passover festivities. Yona has never been to Christian Easter celebrations he actually is looking forward to attending the different events over the next few weeks. Remi is with a few of the ladies helping Marshal with the decor contest at the bar. So it's perfect that John could see him while she was busy. John notices him and waves him to follow him to the back office. waking into his office John motions him to sit while he closes the door. 

"So what can I help you with ?" John already has a feeling what's its about. Norma gave him a heads up weeks ago before Yona left for Japan. 

"I want to know about hand fasting. I am in love with Remi and I want to be Crystal's dad. I just don't know if we are ready to get married yet. " John watches him he knows that they rushed Astila and Aisling into a handfasting because Astila wasn't sure he could abstain until marriage. Then in a few months they were married. 

"Why do you want a hand fasting instead of just dating?" 

Yona knows there is no lying to John so he just tells him. 

" I don't want to be separated from Remi. We umm didn't wait and didn't use protection before I left for Japan. Truthfully I'm scared that she may already be pregnant and it's just to early to know. Also I feel like there is a darkness around her at times when we meet in my dreams. I am afraid to have her be alone. I don't have a gift like the others but if something is happening I want to be there to protect her. I know you would rather us get married. My concern is that she may not want to or be ready to after all that has happened. I just don't want her to be afraid to love me over her past. If we do the hand fasting then we can be together and see if she wants that or not. I know she is the one for me I have never felt like this for any woman. To me women have been just a string of one night stands and booty calls. I don't think I have ever even called a woman back after sleeping with her before. With Remi it's different she is the very reason I can't wait to get up in the morning and my very last thought before bed. So will you help me with arranging a hand fasting with Remi. It doesn't even have to be anything big unless she wants it to be. I just want her to get comfortable with the idea of us being together and married. " Yona takes a deep breath wondering if John is going to scold him or help him. John starts to laugh he tries to control it but can't. Yona just stares at him. 

finally after a few moments John starts to talk. 

"You know Norma told me a few days after you left for Japan that this was coming. Lord I miss the old girl. She always could tell when two people were made for each other . In fact she already had it planned I just have to make a few phone calls and you tell me which day ." 

Yona looks up and whispers thank you to Norma and he tells John

"thank you is tomorrow to soon ?" John shakes his head and chuckles. 

"I can have everything ready by dinner time tomorrow no problem. You just have to make sure Remi is ok with that. " he sees Yona out and lets the ladies know there is a change of plans for the day. They have a hand fasting to get ready for. Yona goes to the bar to kidnap his girl so he can ask her about the next day.

Maureen spent the day in the cabin. Last night her sleep was disturbed by a chill . Not just any chill but a foreboding chill. An evil is lurking and she can't pinpoint it. It's been happening since the night Remi was hurt when dream walking. She knows it has to do with them just not what. So as to not worry anyone she has reinforced the spells protecting those in the house. Since Remi has moved back to the apartment she needs to do the same there. She just needs an excuse to get inside the apartment. Sighing she collects what she needs and heads back through the door saying a little prayer before she does. 

As she gets back through the doorway Onacona is standing there with a worried look. He knows she hasn't been sleeping well. 

" what is it, what is bothering you?" Holding his wife close to him. 

"I feel like something evil is coming and that it has to do with Remi. Ever since the night she was hurt dream walking. At night a chill runs through me. I feel it coming for her I just don't know why or where. " she shivers as if someone just walked across her grave. Onacona hugs her tighter he knows what it may be but is hoping it's not. Tilting her head up so he can look at her. He tells her

" We can place protection spells at the apartment and here we can also ask Yona to stay close to her. If it is what I think it may be then hopefully it can be discouraged. " Maureen looks up at him with a curious look. 

"You know who it may be? Have you seen something that we have missed?" He shakes his head and sits her down. 

" When we moved here there was a man who kidnapped and raped young girls. The residents lynched and burned him alive . Many believed they could hear his screams at night . His body was missing the morning after he was burned. no one ever found his body. He kept the girls in the cellar of his house. Then one night his house was burned down to nothing . Only the cellar was left. It was believed that he would come back for revenge. His house was near the creek waterfall. What if when Remi entered Yona's dream she woke his spirit. At that time the pain from the attack was fresh and even though she was getting help what if her pain woke up the evil there. " 

Maureen nods looking very disturbed. 

"If that is the case we need to find his body and send it to the other side before it can get stronger. We need to confront Remi and ask her if she has had any nightmares. If so we need to help her get rid of this evil. Tonight we need to talk to Aisling and Moll to come up with a plan." Onacona hugs his wife and prays that they can find out what is needed to vanish the evil. It needs to be done before the babies are born . 

Yona arrives at the bar to collect his girl. He watches as she directs everyone on where to place the tables. The bar is looking really nice. It is looking more like a Rainforest than a bar but  it is nice. He liked the harem look better. Waving at Marshal as he walks over towards him. 

"Hey , I just got a call from my Dad . So you are ready to live with Remi. Good luck with that Crystal can be a handful." Yona grins at his friend . 

" I know but since I promised to be her Dad I need to have her get used to me being in charge not just giving her whatever she wants. I also want Remi to be sure and comfortable before we get married. So what else did your Dad say?" 

"Well we are having it here. The food is already taken care of. Norma prepaid for it and ordered the food all the inn needed was for Dad to call and say when. Norma wanted it to feel like outside so that is why I told the girls to let's do a rainforest theme . It uses all of the stuff she ordered that has just been taking up space in my storage unit. All you and Remi need to do is show up ready to be tied together. " 

Yona looks at Marshal and asks.

"How does anyone get around your family. Do they always have everyone's lives planned out ? I mean it like they know before you do what is going on and just expect you to go with it ." Marshal looks at him and sighs. 

"Thst is our blessing and curse of being in this family. There is no hiding anything from them. Even those without gifts know when something is going on. You know it's easier sometimes to just go with the flow . It's definitely less work . The elders are magicians when it comes to throwing a party. None of us have mastered it yet except for maybe Aisling. She is the exception I think it's because she has hosted family dinners for so long. " they walk around looking at how things are decorated. Remi has a blueprint of where everything goes. Looking at it makes him wonder exactly what was Norma's job before getting married. Taking the blueprint from Remi he takes a look. The layout is absolutely spectacular. It's going to be amazing when done. 


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