Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
1195 Jiang Yuning? He Would Really Like to Meet that Guy
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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1195 Jiang Yuning? He Would Really Like to Meet that Guy

Nian Xi stayed silent for a short while, then responded to him honestly, "Ji Chuan, we broke up over a year ago. I admit I liked you a lot before. You care about too many things. I could never be the center of your life. But I get it. You're a guy. It's reasonable that you care about your country and your family. The country is your top priority, and your family is second. I thought I'd be the third most important thing in your life, but no. When I realized that, I loved you the deepest. After we broke up, my passion for you cooled. You realized how good I am after you lost me. Unlike you, I became more relaxed and happier after we split. I'm not tired anymore. Also, I met a great guy who's good to me. I hope you move on too. You should spend some time getting to know the girls around you. A lot of young girls in our station like you."

Feng Ji Chuan's heart ached intensely.

This morning, he heard from his colleagues that Jiang Yuning was with Nian Xi at the crime scene and that he saved her.

They complimented Jiang Yuning for how capable he was. He managed to bring her out of the fire scene on the ninth floor.

Feng Ji Chuan asked himself, could he do the same?

Probably not.

He wasn't jealous of Jiang Yuning. On the contrary, he was grateful to him for saving Nian Xi.

"Are you talking about Jiang Yuning?" he asked.

Nian Xi didn't answer his question but responded to him with, "Ji Chuan, I admit I've been mean to you since we broke up. I shouldn't have been so unfriendly to you. I'm sorry. As you said, we grew up together, and now we're colleagues. We aren't on the same team, but we might still need to work together in the future. I'll forget about what happened between us in the past. You will always be a good colleague of mine. You're like a big brother to me."

Feng Ji Chuan smiled bitterly and said, "Nian Xi, I'd rather you keep being mean to me."

She had been mean to him, a sure sign that she still cared for him.

If he became nothing but a good colleague and a big brother to her, he would have no chance at all of winning her back.

"We've already missed each other," Nian Xi said.

Feng Ji Chuan said with a bitter smile, "Nian Xi, I don't know much about Jiang Yuning. I admit he's very capable. But are you two a perfect match for each other? I heard from Zhan Hong that he's highly introverted. He's a scientist. Scientists always stay in the lab. You are an outgoing, energetic person. You might be alone if you get together with him. Will you be able to cope with that? Even if that's no problem, what about your shared interests? Are you gonna talk to him about your police life while he talks to you about his science? Does he even understand your life? Do you understand his?"

Nian Xi knitted her brows.

"I don't think your parents will like him," Feng Ji Chuan said. "What if you get together with him and then find out you two are incompatible? If you break up with him, will he be okay with it? For two people who intend to spend the rest of their lives together, liking each other isn't enough. They also need shared interests and whatnot."

"Alright, stop." What he said was exactly what Nian Xi was worried about at the moment. His words pierced her heart.

"Thank you for your advice. I'll think about it. But I take full responsibility for my own life. We aren't together yet. It's premature to conclude that we're not a good match based merely on our different occupations." After saying that, Nian Xi turned and walked into the police station.

Feng Ji Chuan looked at her back and rubbed his forehead.

Jiang Yuning? He'd like to meet that guy.



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