Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
1194 I Freaked Out When I Heard About it This Morning
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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1194 I Freaked Out When I Heard About it This Morning

"You have to." Jiang Yuning nodded.

Nian Xi hesitated slightly, then said to him, "You might need to appear in court to testify. You were at the crime scene with me. You're a credible witness."

"I'll go, if you want me to," Jiang Yuning said obediently.

As he walked upstairs, Uncle Han immediately came to him with his concerns. Seeing his wounds, Uncle Han's heart ached. "Mr. Jiang, I've worked for you for years, but I've never seen you get injured so badly. I don't think you should follow Ms. Nian again when she's working on her case."

Jiang Yuning, on hearing that, shook his head and wrote, I didn't know being a police officer could be so dangerous. I'll make her some weapons for her to be safe.

Uncle Han nodded. That was a good idea. "Are you still communicating with Ms. Nian with your pen and notebook?"

Jiang Yuning shook his head and pointed to his mouth.

Uncle Han asked, "Why can't you talk to me too?"

Jiang Yuning glanced at him, then shook his head and wrote, I don't want to.

Uncle Han couldn't understand why.

The next day, Nian Xi woke up to receive some calls from her family. Both Nian Qingyun and Murong Cheng told her they were worried sick about her when they heard about what happened.

She went to the police station to work. As she parked her car and walked to the gate of the police station, she saw Feng Ji Chaun standing there with a serious face. He walked toward her and said solemnly with a trace of concern, "I heard you were trapped in a lab in the university last night and almost died. Is that true?"

"I'm fine now. Thank you for asking." Nian Xi recalled what Cheng Jing said to her last time. She needed to adjust her mindset when she was facing Feng Ji Chuan. She shouldn't always be so mean to him.

Hearing her words, Feng Ji Chuan paused with a surprised look, then furrowed his brows deeply and said, "I tried to warn you. A murderer is a smart person. You should have listened to me. But instead, you acted alone without Fang Qi. Have you ever thought about what could have happened last night? You were lucky, or you might not be standing here now. I want you to be more cautious with your future cases. Before you identify the suspect, remember that everyone related to the case might be the murderer."

"You are right. I was lucky last night." Nian Xi nodded, then walked past him.

What happened last night taught her an important lesson. She didn't mind what he said.

"Xi." Feng Ji Chuan hurriedly held her wrist, took a deep breath and said, "I know I shouldn't be talking to you like that. I'm worried about you. We grew up together. I don't want anything bad to happen to you. I freaked out this morning when I heard about it."

Nian Xi was puzzled.

That didn't sound like something Feng Ji Chuan would say.

"I get it. We grew up together." Nian Xi nodded knowingly.

"No… I found that I care about you more than I thought I would," Feng Ji Chuan said, with a bitter look in his eyes. "I will protect you. I won't let anyone hurt you. Xi, I was in the army before. I always considered myself the center of the world. I should have thought more about your feelings. I admit I was selfish. I promise you it won't happen again. I'll go anywhere you go, and I'll get you any food you want immediately."

Nian Xi had a complicated feeling. Feng Ji Chuan had talked to her many times about getting back together again. This time, he said the most touching words the ever said. Those words might have succeeded in bringing her back to him last year after they broke up, but sadly she now had someone else in her life, someone decent and good. She wanted to know more about that boy and to think about being together with him.



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