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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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1193 I Will

Seriously, almost every ordinary person felt troubled for money, for small family affairs, and for work. Unlike them, he was pursuing his dream so who-heartedly and persistently. His life was as pure as an empty sheet of paper.

Jiang Yuning blushed slightly. "Was that a compliment or a sarcasm?"

"Of course it was a compliment. It's just…" The look in Nian Xi's eyes suddenly became complicated, "Have you ever thought that the two of us have very different jobs. Perhaps, we'll have problems fitting into each other's social circle."

Hearing that, Jiang Yuning knitted his brows into a deep frown, as if he was facing a very dangerous enemy. Why did that kind of thought occur to her after he talked to her about black holes?

"My social circle is very simple," he said, "It's my lab. As for yours… I don't know how to catch suspects… but… but, I can give you the tools that I made."

"That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about shared hobbies," Nian Xi felt troubled as well. She never thought about that at first. However, on her way back, she listened to him talking about science but barely understood a thing.

"Do you not like what I said?" Jiang Yuning realized what might be wrong, "I won't talk to you about it anymore."

"It's not like that either. Well, I think you can try to make it easier to understand," Nian Xi gave her suggestion, "I'm willing to learn something new, but… Do your parents want you to be with someone who's also a scientist? In that case, you'd have a lot to talk about, and a shared dream."

Jiang Yuning scratched his head, said, "My parents never talked to me about that. We only saw each other in the New Year. They're both very busy. They have no time for me. Sometimes, they even need to work at New Year."

Nian Xi had her lip corners twitched slightly. He was thirty years old, yet his parents didn't even mention his marriage. Unlike them, her own parents talked about it every time they saw her. However, even though her parents could a little too talkative sometimes, she still felt happy to spend time together with her family.

"Aren't your parents worried that you might be single forever, and that your great gene might not continue?" Said Nian Xi seriously.

Jiang Yuning shook his head, said, "My father only cares about ancient creatures. Every time a new fossil or some new species were found, he'd be there with his team. He always spent months in the mountain areas, or in his lab. My mother travels all over the world all year round, observing the space. She took pictures of different stars and compare them with each other. She often stayed in the areas more than three-thousand kilometers above the sea level. She lived in Mount Kailash for half a year when I was little."

Nian Xi was shocked to hear that. What a crazy family of scientists.

"Um… you seem to like astronomy a lot too. You won't be living on a mountain that is thousands of meters above the sea level for half a year after we got married, will you?" Nian Xi hesitated slightly and then asked.

"After we got married?" Jiang Yuning paused in shock. After realizing what he had just heard, he responded to her with red cheeks, "I will marry you."

Nian Xi felt a little embarrassed.

"That was only a hypothetical question. I'm not proposing to you."

Jiang Yuning curved his lips downward with disappointment, said, "I'll go if you let me, or I won't go."

"Don't say that. You're a man who's going to see the space after all," Nian Xi made a joke.

"Space isn't as important as getting married and having kids," Jiang Yuning blinked his dark eyes, looked at Nian Xi, in the way looking at a piece of meat on the chopping board.

"Eh-hem," Nian Xi coughed slightly, then said to him, "It's getting late. Just go home. I'm tired too."

"Oh," Jiang Yuning got off the car. Nian Xi thought for a moment and then said to him, "Stay home and get some good rest. I'll come to visit you tomorrow if I have time. I need to interrogate Yang Wenzhi in these couple of days. He's not planning on pleading guilty. I will certainly put him in prison."



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