Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
1153 Let“s Keep the Volume Down, I Don“t Want to Wake Her up
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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1153 Let“s Keep the Volume Down, I Don“t Want to Wake Her up

After so long, this guy was exactly the same.

If someone didn't know his personality, they might really think he always had flattering things to say.

Fang Qi chuckled and smiled, "Come on, come on, let's listen to Professor Jiang's lecture."

Nian Xi frowned, "I think that's appropriate."

"This is a physics class. We're looking for Yang Wen, aren't we? He might be around here, the counselor also said he even might be in this class. We can get Professor Jiang to call out during class later," Fang Qi suggested, "He's probably in class. Anyway, we can't ask him to come out right now."

Nian Xi thought about it and agreed, as she turned and explained the situation to Jiang Yuning. Jiang Yuning agreed to her request immediately.

The three of them walked into the classroom, and all the female students in the lecture theatre were riled. Many of them rose from their seats and shouted, "Professor Jiang, I like you!"

Someone followed up with, "Professor Jiang, I like you too! You look so handsome today!"

Nian Xi and Fang Qi were shocked! Were all university students so brazen and outspoken nowadays?

Jiang Yuning acted as if he hadn't heard any of them. Looking around the class, he spotted two empty seats in the corner of the last row.

Nian Xi saw the seats too and said to Fang Qi, "Come on, let's sit in the back."

"No, you won't be able to see me clearly from so far away," Jiang Yuning shook his head immediately.

Nian Xi was breaking out in a sweat. Why would she need to see him clearly? She had seen him plenty of times already, and she was never going to pay attention to his lecture.

Before she could protest, Jiang Yuning already had his assistant arrange two chairs at the front of the theatre.

His teaching assistant gestured for everyone to settle down before Jiang Yuning flipped open his book and started the class, "Last time, we talked about ten-dimensional string theory. This theory explains the restructuring conundrum that quantum physics is unable to explain..."

Nian Xi was about to faint. The content of his speech was purely academic, and there wasn't a single irrelevant word. It was the most boring class she had ever attended, and it didn't help that she didn't understand anything he was talking about.

She turned to look at Fang Qi, who was also in a daze.

After five minutes, Fang Qi remarked, "Professor Jiang is so knowledgeable. I graduated from university and I can't understand a single thing he is talking about."


She found his remark extremely relatable.

After ten minutes, Nian Xi was so bored she fell asleep. She had stayed overtime at work the previous night and was exhausted; there was no way she was going to hold out until the end of the lecture.

Jiang Yuning scribbled an equation on the board and turned to see Nian Xi sleeping with her head on the desk.

He frowned as he dusted off his hands and walked over to her.

Everyone thought that he was going to wake her up angrily, Fang Qi included. Before Fang Qi could shake Nian Xi awake, Jiang Yuning took off his coat and gently placed it over Nian Xi's body.

Fang Qi was stunned.

The whole class was shocked.

Only Nian Xi was oblivious.

Another female classmate couldn't handle what she just witnessed. She rubbed her temples, "Professor Jiang, I feel really sleepy, too."

"Shush," Jiang Yuning put his finger over his lips, "Don't disturb her."


The girl was devastated. They were all females and they were sleepy too. So why the different treatment?

But she was also so excited that Professor Jiang finally talked about something other than physics.

When he walked onto the podium again, he whispered to the class, "Let's keep the volume down, I don't want to wake her up."



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