Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
1144 Mo Liuxi Attacked Her Right In Front of Her Parents
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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1144 Mo Liuxi Attacked Her Right In Front of Her Parents

Stop talking," snapped Mo Liuxi frostily.

Nian Junting stared at him a few seconds before saying, "You're right though. Those are all unbearable memories now."

"Can you please stop talking?" Mo Liuxi complained, "You're making me feel worse. Are you enjoying this?"

"Yeah," Nian Junting nodded. He loved seeing that cocky young dude suffer. Mo Liuxi didn't know what to say.

They walked out of the building together and saw An Ning standing outside with a middle-aged couple. Seeing the two of them, the middle-aged man swiftly stepped up and said, "Mr. Nian, good to see you. I am An Lan's father. Is this your brother-in-law?" Mo Liuxi glanced at An Ning. He hadn't seen her in a while. His eyes glowed icily but he didn't say one word, restraining his anger.

"Mr. and Mrs. An, what are you doing here?" Nian Junting had known An Lan for many years and had met her parents before. He feigned ignorance about why they were here.

"Junting, I know this is hard. We have no choice but to come here to find your brother-in-law," Mr. An handed Mo Liuxi a cigarette and said, "Young man, let's talk. My daughter is young. She's naive. We spoiled her. I apologize for what she has done. She did what she did because she really likes you. I assure you that she won't bother you again. Can you please give her another chance? She's so young. If she can't finish university, her life will be ruined."

"Please," Mrs. An also begged Mo Liuxi, "You see, An Lan, our other daughter, worked on your father's case. We're all friends, actually."

Mo Liuxi remained silent but stared at An Ning, who was hiding behind her parents. He twitched his thin lips in a cold smile, then pointed at her and said, "You, come here." An Lan didn't budge. She shook her head and cried, "Liuxi, you took my virginity but refused to take responsibility. That's the only reason I did what I did. I couldn't help it."

Mo Liuxi smiled unsympathetically before stepping forward to catch An Ning. Then the girl turned and ran. He picked up his bag and threw it at her. The bag, which was full of books, landed on her back and nearly knocked her to the ground.

Her parents ran over to protect their daughter. "How can you attack her right in front of us?"

Mrs. An got angry, "You don't like my daughter, I get it. But you slept with her without taking any responsibility for your actions. I did a lot of hard work to raise my daughter. How can you do this to her? You slept with her, then meet another woman and got our daughter thrown out of school.

You're rich and powerful, so you get to call the shots, huh? Mr. Nian, you are a reasonable adult. Please, say something. The kid might not know what's right, but can you honestly stand there and let this ridiculous thing happen?"

Nian Junting rubbed the area between his eyebrows. He wasn't expecting Mo Liuxi to attack An Ning like that in front of her parents. Not even he would do such a thing.

"Mrs. An, you can't say that. Your daughter was a virgin, and so was the boy. Your daughter took the opportunity to get him into bed while he was drunk because she liked him. What was that all about? That was against his will. Legally speaking, she… raped him. We can even sue her for that."

Mrs. An was stunned. She said, "How can you…make it sound so awful after you took advantage of my daughter?"

"That's the truth," Nian Junting waved his hand dismissively and said, "I've talked to An Lan. As her lawyer, she agreed with me. She wanted this to end, so she didn't come to me again.

It's illegal to force someone to have sex without their consent. Your daughter took away his virginity and refused to let him go. He finally had a girlfriend, but your daughter sent her a picture of her and him on the bed, and that caused his girlfriend to break up with him. She also harassed him many times in school. By doing those two things, she broke two laws."



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