Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
1093 Yan Su Tried Very Hard to Keep Herself From Kicking Him off the Bed
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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1093 Yan Su Tried Very Hard to Keep Herself From Kicking Him off the Bed

His bossy tone made Yan Su roll her eyes. 

She clenched her teeth and said helplessly, "All right, we'll sleep at your place. You go first. I'll be there after I shower. My bed is too small for two people." 

She planned to lock her door up and not open it after he left. 

"All right." Mo Liuxi got up from the bed and said, "Since we have agreed on us living together, I should have a key for this place, or it's gonna be inconvenient for me." 

Yan Su didn't respond. 

If she gave him a key, how would she shut him out? 

"In fact, the landlord only gave us two keys. I have one, and your sister has the other one." 

"All right, give me yours then. I'll make a copy tomorrow." Mo Liuxi reached out a hand toward her. "I'll give it back to you tomorrow morning, before you come home." 

Yan Su stayed silent again. 

As she didn't respond, Mo Liuxi narrowed his eyes and said, "You're not trying to trick me, are you?" 

"How can that be possible?" Yan Su turned and said, "Forget it. Stay if you want. I'm going to shower." 

"Make yourself clean. I'll be waiting on the bed." Mo Liuxi laid back down, and also pulled his pajama pants down to make himself look extra sexy and attractive. 

Yan Su staggered slightly. She felt as if she had a pretty boy hidden in her flat now. Thinking that a beautiful man was lying on her bed, Yan Su sighed during the shower. 

His lips would be all over her body again. What should she do? She was so tired. She barely got any rest on the plane last night. 

Forty minutes later, Yan Su dried her hair and came out of the bathroom in a dark-brown pajama suit. Hearing the noises she made, Mo Liuxi raised his head expectantly, but then said with disappointment, "This one is not as pretty as the one you wore yesterday. Why are you dressing like an old lady? Go and get changed." 

Yan Su didn't say anything. She picked the most old-style pajamas from her closet on purpose. Why should she dress sexy? She had no plans to seduce him anyway. 

And he talked to her in that bossy tone again. She wasn't wearing the pajamas for him. 

Yan Su ignored him and picked up her phone; she sat down on the other side of the bed. Mo Liuxi moved to her, pulled her pajama top, blinked and said, "Just get changed." 

Yan Su tried very hard to keep herself from kicking him off the bed. "We're not in the hotel," she said. "The hotel room has central air-conditioning but we don't. Plus, it was warm in Singapore. How can I wear so little here? Do you want me to catch a cold?" 

"You're right. That's why I said we should sleep at my place. I have central air-conditioning," Mo Liuxi said. "We won't get cold if we decided to do something else." 

Yan Su kicked him and said, "Go back there if your place is so nice. I'd be happy to have some peace and quiet." 

Hearing that, Mo Liuxi finally stopped talking. Yan Su sat on the bed, reading the news on her phone. 

Lately, the legal fight between Shi Xiang and his Korean company had made big news in the entertainment circle. Shi Xiang appealed directly to Seoul Court, citing the company's unreasonable income distribution and accusing it of forbidding him to expand his career in China. 

Shi Xiang had a lot of fans in China. All his fans had been speaking for him and criticizing the company online. 

Mo Liuxi glanced at the screen of Yan Su's phone, snorted and said, "They're all like this. At first, they'd do anything the company wants as long as the company promises to make them stars. When they become stars, they have all kinds of complaints. No matter how much the company might promise him about income distribution, he won't stay. Many TV shows and advertising agencies in the country have offered him big money. The Korean market hasn't been attractive to him for a while." 

"It seems like you know everything." Yan Su looked at him questioningly. 


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