Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
1067 The Gift Was Full of Surprise
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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1067 The Gift Was Full of Surprise

"In summary, you shouldn't have made me scrub your back while you were bathing," Yan Su raised her hands in surrender. "Alright, let's stop discussing it. I need to do some revisions now."

"I need to do the same." Mo Liuxi nodded and said, "There are some questions that I don't understand. Luckily, I can ask my dear Senior."

Yan Su was amused by his serious demeanor and replied, "Forget it, for a top-student like you who doesn't have any regard for the professors, my kind of grades would be despised by you. I can't teach you, and we aren't even in the same department."

"Some of our courses are the same." Mo Liuxi didn't give up.

"Those courses aren't important at all," Yan Su said. "You just need to memorize the content when exam time comes around."

"I don't agree." Mo Liuxi shook his head. "I feel that every course has a reason for its existence, and I have to thoroughly understand it."

His face was solemn and serious. Yan Su couldn't win this discussion so she relented.

Five minutes later, Mo Liuxi brought his academic textbooks and books over, along with quite a bit of snacks, including ice cream, yogurt, beef jerky, cookies, strawberries, and watermelon.

The two of them were studying at the table in the living room. When Yan Su saw the table full of snacks, she didn't know what to say. She knew he liked to eat, but she didn't think that he liked to eat so much. She was surprised he hadn't become obese.

As she thought, like Luosang, he had the same kind of body that wouldn't become fat no matter how much he ate.

"A present for you." Like performing a magic trick, Mo Liuxi produced an elaborately wrapped box from inside his clothes.

Yan Su was incredibly nervous. He wouldn't give her a necklace or a ring so early on, would he?

What would she do if it were too expensive? They had only just started dating, so she wouldn't feel comfortable accepting something expensive.

"What is this?" Yan Su tentatively asked.

"You will know when you open it." Mo Liuxi opened a bag of beef jerky and raised one eyebrow with a big smile.

"If it's too expensive, I can't accept it," Yan Su said as she shook her head.

"While it's not expensive, it is a bit difficult to find," Mo Liuxi said after thinking for a moment.

Yan Su was curious. It seemed that was quite a bit of sincerity in this gift.

She took it and peeled it open layer by layer. She realized that there was another gift box inside. When she opened the lid, there were some black, yellow, and white pouches in it.

Yan Su picked up one of them that had English words on it. The translated Chinese words written on top read, "Safe, comfortable, smooth, and zero-friction."

She felt that something was wrong. She felt the package. The smile on her face froze. "Don't tell me that these are all condoms?"

Mo Liuxi hugged his chest and nodded. "Aren't you very surprised? Didn't you say that you like to collect these things? These are the most popular and classic ones from Europe, America, Japan, and Korea, basically everywhere in the world."

Yan Su was completely stunned. She finally had a boyfriend and received a gift. She thought that it was a ring or necklace or something, but it was full of condoms. It made her feel extremely awkward and embarrassed.

"What's wrong?" Mo Liuxi could see her stiffness and was bemused. "Do you not like the individually packed ones? If I didn't take them out of their boxes, there would be a few dozen boxes. It would look too big and not sophisticated at all."

Yan Su wanted to cry. You gifted this kind of thing and still have the cheek to talk about sophistication?


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