Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
1061 Don’t Drink Chi Shengxu’s Milk Tea, Drink Mine
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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1061 Don’t Drink Chi Shengxu’s Milk Tea, Drink Mine

Zhang Hongchuan watched the silhouette of the three of them and exclaimed, "Chi and Yan are such a beautiful couple! We shouldn't have come over at all. We look like extras."

After speaking, it felt as if his whole body was plunged into an icehouse. The atmosphere was unspeakably chilly. He looked to the side. Mo Liuxi's head was bent down as he silently ate.

Zhang Hongchuan breathed a sigh of relief and told himself that it was just his imagination.

Since the next class would start at 2:30 p.m., Yan Su was too lazy to go home. Instead, she just camped at the library. Fan Jing only sat there for a short while before she got bored and went out to shop with some other friends.

Yan Su became sleepy after reading for a short while. Her eyes started closing, so she decided to lay down on the desk and cover her head with her book. Since she hadn't really slept the night before, once she laid down, she fell into a deep slumber.

After she had been asleep for a while, someone suddenly started to knock incessantly on the other end of the long table with a book. It was so noisy that it annoyed her. She opened her eyes in a daze to look toward the other end.

The guy on the other side wore a blue denim windbreaker. Sunlight shone in from the window behind him. His skin was smooth like jade, and his hair was soft.

Yan Su was momentarily stunned. When that face came into focus and her thoughts slowly gathered, she jerked and immediately looked around at her surroundings. Luckily, there weren't many people around.

Mo Liuxi was staring at her. His dark stare was like fire sparks thrown onto dry logs.

She had been drooling in her sleep. The slight sheen at the corner of her lips made his mouth dry as a wave of heat rose in his stomach.

Only after he had crossed his right leg over his left did he take out a pack of tissues. He took one out and passed it to Yan Su, gesturing toward the corner of his mouth.

Yan Su didn't immediately understand. When she saw a pool of liquid on the table, she was so embarrassed that her entire face went red. She hurriedly wiped the corners of her mouth with the tissue.

She felt incredibly embarrassed. She had really lost face in front of him. There wasn't a shred of dignity as a senior left.

Mo Liuxi could tell that she was embarrassed. With her face red like strawberry, he wanted to go forward and kiss her.

"When did you come? Didn't I say that we should keep our distance at school?" Yan Su asked in a whisper.

"I've only been her 10 minutes," Mo Liuxi said with a frown. "When you're with me, you only think about keeping a distance. How about when you're with Chi Shengxu? With the two of you going everywhere together, aren't you worried that others will think the two of you are dating?"

"Chi Shengxu and I?" Yan Su was surprised.

She had never even thought about it. Chi Shengxu probably hadn't either.

"Doesn't Chi Shengxu like your sister?" Yan Su asked.

"My sister is already pregnant and married, he can't possibly like her for his lifetime. Who knows, the one he likes now might be you." Mo Liuxi quietly looked at her.

"Chi Shengxu and I are friends, but you and I…" Yan Su lowered her voice. She was a little embarrassed to say what was on her mind. "Everyone thinks that the two of us look more like a couple, so a lot of people are looking for gossip about us."

"That's true." Mo Liuxi's thin lips curved up. "Reach your hand over from underneath the table. I want to pass you something."

Yan Su bit her lip and tentatively stretched her arm out below. A warm cup was suddenly in her hand. She quickly realized what it was. Her eyes widened. She looked at him with happiness in her eyes.

"Be good. Don't drink Chi Shengxu's milk tea, drink mine." Mo Liuxi stood up after he finished speaking and coolly walked away with his hand in his pocket.

So, he came just to give me a cup of milk tea?

After watching him leave, Yan Su opened the milk tea out of habit and took a sip. Why did she feel that it tasted better every time she drank it?


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