Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
1045 Tell Me, Why Do I Like You So Much?
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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1045 Tell Me, Why Do I Like You So Much?

Yan Su was even more guilty now. 

He was always prideful. It must really hurt for him to admit it. 

She'd gotten a bad graze while climbing a tree when she was young. It had hurt when she'd gotten a few stitches, even with the local anesthesia. It must have hurt even more for him since he had a dozen stitches.

"Actually… don't you think it would be better for you to go live with your parents for now?" Yan Su said, "Take some time off and recuperate by yourself. You're alone now, to be honest…"

"Don't you know why I refused?" Mo Liuxi interrupted her, his gaze was serious.

Yan Su's heart fluttered.

She did hazard a guess but she didn't want to entertain the thought too much.

He was staring at her and she had nowhere to hide.

Mo Liuxi reached out. She was trapped between him and the kitchen counter, His breath was hot as he said, "I wouldn't be able to see you if I went back. I'm going to miss you and I don't want that."

Yan Su's eyes flickered. She stuttered nervously, "I… I…"

"Even if I stay here, I know that you can't possibly come over all the time and that you will have to go about your own affairs. But the thought that we are just one wall apart comforts me." Mo Liuxi rested his head in the curve of her shoulder. "Tell me, why do I like you so much? I'll feel uncomfortable if I don't hear from you every day."

"Liuxi…" Yan Su's eyes were faltering. 

He was a big man, but when he leaned his weight into her, he felt like a vulnerable child all of a sudden. She couldn't bear to push him away. 

Her nose was brushing against his shirt. She could feel his warmth and she was gradually blushing. He smelled good. She felt her knees tremble and go weak. 

"Su, you smell so good," he said into her neck.

Yan Su suddenly came to her senses and she pushed him away. "Don't bother me, I'm making your lunch."

"Okay." Mo Liuxi was grinning. 

While she was cooking, he was hovering around her. He couldn't help but ask as he watched her, "You learned how to cook when you were young?"

"I know a little. My mother always encouraged me to cook fried rice and noodles by myself when I was young." Yan Su smiled. "She told me that I should learn to be independent as a girl."

Mo Liuxi nodded his head. "Your parents raised you well."

Yan Su looked sad all of a sudden. "It's a pity that…"

"I can go back to see your parents over the new year," Mo Liuxi said suddenly. "We'll always have to go back. Everyone finds it hard to understand their parents during puberty. You might have had issues with them when they opposed your relationship with Shi Xiang. But as your parents, they just wanted you to find a better man. They didn't want you to enter a relationship too young and they had their reasons for believing that."

Yan Su was stunned and looked up. "How did you know?"

Mo Liuxi blinked. He'd accidentally let the cat out of the bag.

"Sang told you?" Yan Su frowned. 

"She didn't, but you know how sensitive I am. She accidentally let slip a little and I guessed it. You have quite a story to tell anyway…" 

Yan Su threw a bunch of garlic at him before he could finish. 

Mo Liuxi dodged her attack and laughed when he saw how adorable she looked when she was angry. "But I really didn't expect someone as obedient as you to be so rebellious when you were in high school."

"Stop." Yan Su looked down and continued cutting the vegetables. 

Mo Liuxi was stared at her silently for a while before saying, "Su, I think your parents miss you dearly."


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