Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
1044 I Am Awake, I Miss You
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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1044 I Am Awake, I Miss You

At 10:00 in the morning, Xiang Wan put out a statement on Weibo on behalf of Yan Su. The statement clarified that Yan Su was the victim the previous night. With the help of Mo Liuxi, Li Ming, and Ji Nuanyi, she hadn't suffered any harm. She thanked the film crew for being on her side, for understanding her, and for punishing Mr. Jia. Next, she would continue working on the theme song of the new film together with Ye Yunyang. 

Xiang Wan talked to Yan Su about the content of the statement. 

As an artist in the entertainment industry, she needed to know how to end on a good note when something like that happened. 

Less than half an hour after the statement was posted, Yan Su, Ji Nuanyi, Mo Liuxi, and Li Ming were all on the hot search list. 

A lot of Li Nuanyi's fans messaged Yan Su to thank her for complimenting Ji Nuanyi in public. 

As they rose on the hot searching list with praises, so did some other people who had done nothing. Specifically, the list included some other stars from the film crew who had also attended the party. 

The opening ceremony of the new film had taken place earlier the day before. Therefore, people clearly knew who'd attended the party. Among them, Shi Xiang suffered the worst criticism. 

No matter how crazily his fans tried to protect him, many people said that he was even worse than Mo Liuxi. Other than Yan Su and Mo Liuxi, he was the youngest one among the crew, yet he had not stood up for Yan Su. 

Yan Su sighed as she read the comments under that statement. 

The internet gave people power. 

At about 11:00, Shi Xiang called her. 

Yan Su refused him, just as she had the other night. Soon after, Shi Xiang texted her—'Su, don't misunderstand me like the others. I almost rushed out to defend you last night, but my assistant stopped me. Mo Liuxi did what he did when I was fighting my assistant. After you left, I suggested Mr. Fei kick Mr. Jia and He Jian off of the team." 

For the first time, Yan Su felt that Shi Xiang was a hypocritical person. 

She might have believed him if Jiaojiao hadn't told her what he was really doing that night. 

A while later, Shi Xiang sent her another text—'I love you. I'll make everyone who has mistreated you pay.' 

That text made Yan Su uncomfortable. Shi Xiang was killing the good impression that she had of him bit by bit. 

She dropped the phone and got up to refresh herself. 

When she got out of the bathroom and checked her phone again, she'd received a message from Mo Liuxi—'I'm awake. I miss you.' 

Those simple words made her feel real and sweet. 

She got changed, then went out to knock on his door. Soon, the door opened. Mo Liuxi stood at the door with slightly messy hair and a pair of bright eyes. 

"You're here so soon. Did you miss me too?" 

Yan Su coughed slightly, then responded in an awkward tone, "I thought you'd be hungry." 

"Nonsense. I said I miss you," Mo Liuxi continued playfully. 

"Can't you be serious?" The blushing Yan Su glared at him. She said, "It's about eleven. I'm here to make you lunch." 

"Get in. We have plenty of food here." Mo Liuxi turned to let her in. 

Yan Su found all kinds of fruits and vegetables, pork ribs, pigeons, black-bone chicken, and some other food in his kitchen. 

"These are…" 

"My mom had someone send them to me this morning." Mo Liuxi silently walked up behind her. 

Yan Su turned, nearly bumping into his chest. 

"Can you please not get so close to me? I might hit you accidentally," she said. 

"I couldn't sleep last night," said Mo Liuxi. 

Yan Su paused with surprise. She hadn't slept either. 

"Was the wound hurting?" she asked. 

"Yes." Mo Liuxi nodded.


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