Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
1037 Hubby, You Have A Really Glib Tongue Nowadays
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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1037 Hubby, You Have A Really Glib Tongue Nowadays

Luosang was in the industry as well. She had heard of incidents like this before and she could imagine the circumstances. 

She understood where Mo Liuxi was coming from. 

She might have done the same. 

"Yeah, some people really cross the line, but we shouldn't throw away our own conscience." Xu Zhengxuan was full of praises. "Ah Jin, you really educated our son well."

"Better than you would have." Mo Jin rolled her eyes. 

Mo Liuxi was speechless, this flattery was truly…

Yan Su heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed like nobody was going to question them further.

To be frank, it was awkward to be involved with her best friend's brother like this.

"Since you're hurt, you should take leave and come home with us," Mo Jin said. "You can't even take care of yourself like this."

"No," Mo Liuxi rejected her immediately. "We're approaching the end of the semester, there are many important modules left and I can't afford to lag behind."

Mo Jin was frustrated. "Since when are you so passionate about leaning? I remember you complaining about how stupid the curriculum is at your school. You told me that you know everything that they're teaching you and that going to school was a waste of your life."

Luosang was stunned. She didn't know that her brother was so arrogant. 

"That was overseas. I just came back here and I don't know China's culture well. Now that I've learned a bit about it, I really think that there's so much more to discover, I really like it. As a Chinese man, I should pay attention to my roots," Mo Liuxi said quickly. 

What a joke! If he moved back, Yan Su wouldn't be around to take care of him anymore.

Yan Su's expression was stern. 

She wouldn't buy it.

She had never seen him study before.

"Well said." Nian Junting nodded his head approvingly. As an ex-serviceman, he completely agreed with his patriotic sentiments. "Although the values of our ancestors might not be entirely right, we should learn them well and learn them right. I have a few books of Zhou Yi and Sun Tzi at home, plus twenty odds books about Chinese history. I'll get someone to send them over to you tomorrow. You will surely gain lots of wisdom from them. We can talk about the books together when you're done with them. It has been a long time since I talked to anyone about these things. There are really so few people who know as much about history as I do."


He was just kidding. Did he have to take him so seriously?

Luosang was surprised. "Hubby, those are your treasured books, aren't they?"

Nian Junting touched his hair. "Of course. But he's your brother, right? I see him as my own brother. Anyway, I like young people like him who are interested in our Chinese culture. There are too many youngsters who idolize western values nowadays."

"Hubby, you have a really glib tongue nowadays." Luosang tried hard not to laugh.

Mo Liuxi was about to roll his eyes. "Since they're books you treasure so much, you should keep them."

"Your brother-in-law is just trying to be gracious. Accept his gesture, won't you?" Luosang said sternly. "Return them when you're done. Don't spoil his books."

If he had to finish them, he might not return the books forever.

Yan Su was about to burst into laughter watching his face turn pale. She tried hard to hold it back. 

Mo Jin shrugged. "Well then, I'll move over to take care of you…"

"No need!" Mo Liuxi rejected her. "Please let me off, I don't want to end up taking care of you."

Xu Zhengxuan nodded his head. "You make some sense, Liuxi. Why don't I…"

"No, don't forget, I haven't accepted you yet. We don't have things to talk about. It'll be awkward to live together," Mo Liuxi interrupted him.


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