Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
973 I Think I’m in Love with a Woman
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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973 I Think I’m in Love with a Woman

He pictured holding Yan Su in his arms. She blushed all the time. He believed that she would shyly bury her face in his chest. Her skin was so soft and tender, so holding her had to feel nice. 

Suddenly, he recalled what happened that night in the hotel room. His mind wasn't clear at that time, but he remembered feeling that that woman was beautiful. His bones even felt soft when it happened. He guessed holding Yan Su would feel like that. 

Picturing An Ning's face with that woman's body, Mo Liuxi was suddenly disgusted. It was as if he had just eaten a fly. After replacing that face with Yan Su's, he started feeling nice. 

"What are you thinking about? Why are you having this dirty smile on your face?" Zhang Hongchuan abruptly asked. 

"Shut up," Mo Liuxi coldly said, slightly changing his expression.

Zhang Hongchuan eyed him with a weird look and said, "Liuxi, you've been acting strange lately. You smile for no reason, and you suddenly started to care if a woman was in a good mood or not. I bet you've fallen in love with someone. If you're not, I'd chop my head off and let you sit on it." 

"Me? Falling in love?" Mo Liuxi smiled coldly. "With whom?" 

"How am I supposed to know?" Zhang Hongchuan rolled his eyes and said, "You only talk to Yan Su in school, and you always leave once the classes are over. I don't know who you hang out with after school." 

Mo Liuxi's heart leaped. Yan Su seemed to be the only woman he had been having contact with. That didn't make sense. He didn't even know when he started to like her. 

He rubbed the spot between his eyebrows and asked, "What do you mean by falling in love? Tell me about it." 

Zhang Hongchuan sighed. Before knowing Mo Liuxi, he felt that the latter was a genius. After becoming friends with him, he learned that the genius had no clue about interpersonal relationships. 

"First, you always want to see her," he said. "Second, you always think about her. Third, you are upset when she's with another male. Fourth, you might suddenly find some part of her especially pretty. Fifth, sometimes, you want to send her WeChat messages even if there's nothing to say, and you like to run over her WeChat moments. Sixth, you care about if she's happy or not. Seventh, you can't stand letting other people hurt her. Eighth, you imagine holding her and kissing her. Ninth, you buy her food…" 

"Alright, stop!" The more Mo Liuxi listened, the more shocked he was. 

For the first few things, he could explain it with the fact that he wanted to have Yan Su's congee, but he had no idea why all that Zhang Hongchuan mentioned had already happened to him. He felt annoyed every time Lu Kang visited Yan Su, and he checked her WeChat moments in the middle of the night. Just now, he imagined what holding her felt like.

Zhang Hongchuan laughed and said, "Bases on those nine things, if you got two, you have feelings for her. If you got four, you like her. Seven means you like her very much. If you got them all, you're beyond remedy." 

"I'm going out to get some milk and tea. You can have my ribs," Mo Liuxi said as he stood up. 

"Oi, who on earth is that girl?" Zhang Hongchuan laughed. 

"You are annoying me," Mo Liuxi said. 

He put his hands into his pockets and quickened his pace. When he was far away from the canteen, he found a stone bench to sit down and called Chu Jiu. 

"I think I'm in love with a woman," he worriedly said as he undid a few buttons on his shirt. 

"Really?" Chu Jiu was surprised. "Isn't that good? It turns out that you like women not men." 

Mo Liuxi felt speechless. He thought, He's totally missing the point.

"I'm in love with a woman that I didn't like before," he said. 

"Are you talking about the one that you slept with?" Chu Jian asked.

"No," Mo Liuxi replied. 

"How many women have been disliked by you?" Chu Jiu was confused.


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