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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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921 Wedding

Xu Zhengyuan placed Luosang's dainty hand into Nian Junting's hands.

"Thank you, Dad." Nian Junting held on to Luosang's hand. He turned around and began to leave.

The officiant hurriedly said, "Wait, Mr. Nian, I'm not done reciting the script. Please take it slower. Anyway, you already have the bride, so she won't run away."

The audience burst out laughing. Luosang blushed.

Nian Junting was unhappy. He thought, Where in the world is this officiant from? So much blabbering. For wedding ceremonies, couldn't the crucial moment come sooner?

The officiant nagged for a long time before finally reaching the part where rings were exchanged. After Nian Junting slid the ring onto Luosang's finger, he immediately pulled her into his embrace and bent down to kiss her lips, roughly savoring her sweetness.

Luosang was just getting married, yet she was already being kissed as if she were going through a storm.

Originally, the kiss ceremony was only one minute. Nian Junting forcefully dragged it on for three minutes. When it was over, his handsome face stared lovingly at Luosang as he said, "My wife, I love you."

Luosang's heart started thumping.

The last part of the ceremony was tossing the bouquet. Luosang had discussed it earlier with her two bridesmaids, Yan Su was the youngest. Since she didn't have plans to marry just yet, the bouquet would be given to Nian Xi.

Nian Xi agreed. At the time when the bouquet would be tossed, she would stand at the place closest to the stage.

When Luosang threw the bouquet toward her, just as it was about to land in Nian Xi's hands, someone suddenly came out from behind and jumped up to snatch it. However, no one got the bouquet. Someone slapped it away. 

It landed on the lap of Yan Su, who was sitting at the banquet table resting. She picked up the bouquet, a little stunned.

Nian Xi was also stunned. She wanted to weep but was too frustrated for tears to come out. She thought, Why am Iso unlucky? Forget that I'm already getting older, but I couldn't even catch the bouquet coming straight at me. 

it looked like she would be getting married even later than Yan Su.

Luosang was also taken aback for a moment and helplessly looked at Nian Xi.

After the ceremony had ended, Luosang went backstage to change into a cocktail dress. With an exceedingly pretty face, she told Nian Junting, "The ceremony that we rehearsed yesterday is completely different. You messed up the rhythm."

Nian Junting was in a good mood. He hugged her while he carelessly commented, "When I saw you standing in front of me looking so pretty, I forgot everything."

"Alright, you win this round," Luosang said.

As she spoke, Nian Xi said, "Sangsang, you're the greatest. You've trained even my sharp-tongued brother to be able to say sweet words."

Luosang pursed her lips and smiled. "If he is still as mean to me as before even after getting married, he will think twice."

Nian Junting wanted to say that everything he had said was the truth, but he was afraid that his new wife would be unhappy. He forced himself to stay quiet.

Nian Xi watched on enviously and sighed.

Luosang patted her shoulder and said, "It's alright. It's just a bouquet."

Yan Su also felt guilty. "Why don't I give you the flowers?"

Nian Xi shook her head. "You didn't even try to catch the flowers and it still landed in your lap. That means you're destined to have it. Hold on to it well. It looks like your fated partner will be coming soon."

Yan Su smiled bitterly and said, "That's impossible, right now, I don't have the mood to date at all."

"This kind of thing is not up to you," Nian Xi said. "When destiny arrives you can't block it even if you want it. It looks like I have a long time before getting married. I'll wait."

"Don't overthink this," Yan Su said. "I have decided to get married only when I'm 30. It'll definitely be later than you."

"Don't be too sure," Nian Xi said with a smile. "I have a friend who said the same thing. In the end, she got married right after graduation. She said that when you meet the person that you really want to marry, all principles and plans are broken."


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