Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
915 This Was My Groomsmen Outfit for Today, and You’ve Ruined I
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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915 This Was My Groomsmen Outfit for Today, and You’ve Ruined I

He was the groomsman today, in grey pants and a white shirt. When the soup spilled all over him, a large part was stained. What made Mo Liuxi's expression turn even darker, was that the soup dripped down along his waist and towards the middle of his legs.

Yan Su was at a loss of what to do. She bit her lip and hurriedly backed away while holding the bowl. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."

"Do you think I should believe you?" Mo Liuxi spit out each word forcefully.

If it wasn't on purpose, why did it just spill on his waist, and make the area wet? Luckily the noodles were already finished. If the soup had been hot, he might've been burned.

He stared at Yan Su till her head moved back. She said innocently, "Who asked you to pop up behind me out of nowhere, and so close to me too. You surprised me, that's why…"

"Excuse me, I don't believe you at all." Mo Liuxi's handsome but cold face was taut with tension.

"This was my groomsmen outfit for today, and you've ruined it. What should I do now? There is one more hour before the groom is coming over to fetch the bride."

Yan Su felt awkward. She was also there when they tried on the groomsmen outfits and she knew that this suit was extremely expensive.

However, that was not the priority here. The two groomsmen were decided since before and Nian Junting was extremely particular about every detail in the wedding. If he were to be missing one groomsman, he would be extremely unhappy.

Her gaze landed on his waist as the white shirt was plastered against it. He had such toned lines. She couldn't tell before.

Below, the grey color pants also exposed the ridges of his groin after being splashed.

"What are you looking at?" Mo Liuxi glared at her warningly while hiding his vital body part with his hand.

Yan Su: "…"

She wanted to say: You've stood erect in front of me before, what's there to hide?

Such a hypocrite. He looked cool from the outside but was a pervert on the inside.

"All right, go take your pants off. I'll wash them for you and blow-dry them using a hairdryer," Yan Su said.

Mo Liuxi's eyes narrowed. "Are you sure you won't be making other moves?"

Are you paranoid?" Yan Su gritted her teeth. "I won't."

Mo Liuxi hesitated for a few seconds before he started to unbutton his shirt. Although he was still young, he was toned in all the right places. Yan Su awkwardly looked away.

Mo Liuxi threw his shirt on her and walked out topless.

Mo Jin walked over and was surprised. "Why did you take off your shirt? Junting is coming soon."

"Ask her." Mo Liuxi glanced at Yan Su coldly.

Yan Su felt very apologetic. His words made it seem as though she was a troublemaker.

"I accidentally spilled soup on him which dirtied his clothes. I told him I'd wash and dry them for him."

Mo Jin glared at her son. "It's not anything big. Just let him wash them himself. He has hands and feet." She then directed her comments at Mo Liuxi saying, "You must be amicable when interacting with an elder sister, do you understand?"

"No, I don't," Mo Liuxi said the words coldly. "I only know that people must always pay for their actions. Come to my room to get the pants in two minutes."

He walked straight into the bedroom when he was done talking. Mo Jin felt embarrassed for her son. What girl would be able to stand him in the future?

"Susu, don't mind him. He didn't use to be this annoying. Maybe it's because Sangsang is getting married today and he feels as if someone is stealing away his sister, so he is in a bad mood." Mo Jin apologized.

"Why don't you pass it to me, I'll do it."

"No it's all right, you're busy too. I'll be fine." Yan Su waved her hands.


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