Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
903 Don’t Forget, I’m Getting Married in a Few Days’ Time
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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903 Don’t Forget, I’m Getting Married in a Few Days’ Time

"I don't think so." Zhan Hong shook his head. "They wouldn't dare to be so brazen. They might just be trying to retain Mr. Jiang here, to prevent him from returning home."

Uncle Han nodded his head. "It'll be better if they try to do something in the dark. In that case, we could just take care of it quietly and return home. It'll be disastrous if they tried to file a lawsuit; the proceedings are long and tiresome. Many cases drag on for years before it's concluded. It's fine for an ordinary person but our Mister has many pressing projects on his hands. If he doesn't go back, all these projects will come to a standstill."

Nian Xi shuddered at the thought of it. She was a police officer; she understood his point. Although some people are released after a few months, they would have to stay in Paris under close police surveillance, and they wouldn't be allowed to leave.

"Uncle Han, about the report on nanotechnology. Mr. Jiang should have a detailed report on it. We just have to produce a copy for reference to the police…"

"What if Cristine has already struck a deal with the police here?" Zhan Hong interrupted her saying, "Langyi Oda doesn't have the guts to do this. The Americans must be behind him, and of course, the French will listen to them."

"No matter what, can we try to bail out Mr. Jiang first?" Uncle Han sighed.

Uncle Han quickly found a Chinese lawyer, Mr. Mao to represent them. Lawyer Mao brought them to the Paris Police Station but the officers denied them the right to see Jiang Yuning, due to the severity of the matter. They were denying him bail as well.

Nian Xi said hurriedly, "Can't we compare the nano-technology report? Any reasonable person would be able to tell who was the one who copied the report."

Lawyer Mao looked at her coldly. "Mr. Oda has managed to reproduce a complete report on the matter as well. Mr. Jiang had accused him of plagiarism in public; he is now suing Mr. Jiang for defamation. Either Mr. Jiang admits to defaming him, or Mr. Oda admits to plagiarism."

Uncle Han shook his head. "Either one of the choices could ruin our Mister's reputation. He wouldn't be able to gain a good standing in the world of physicists in the future. This is a matter of personal integrity."

Nian Xi was shocked. "All the information was stolen? Who did this?"

"I already found out. It's someone from our research center." Uncle Han grimaced. "He has already fled to the United States."

"Son of a bitch." Nian Xi hated people like that.

Over the next few days, news of Jiang Yuning getting arrested at the airport had spread to China.

Nian Junting called Nian Xi that night. "Buy tickets to come home tomorrow and bring your colleagues."

"Brother, how could you suggest that? Haven't you seen the news?" Nian Xi was angry and indignant. "He is being framed. They're trying to oppress his talent by using dirty tricks. You didn't see how wonderful he performed at the Physics Conference…"

"I didn't say that he did anything wrong, I believe him," Nian Junting said, interrupting her.

"It's just that the case has become so complicated that it's not something that you nor your colleagues can handle. The Physics Society will try their best to get him out, but it will take time. This is a long-drawn battle, and you're not of any use over there." Nian Junting reminded her saying, "Don't forget that I'm getting married in a few days' time."

"I'm not in the mood to attend your wedding now." Nian Xi felt like she had to hide her frustrations over the past two days.

"Even if I didn't ask you to come home, your director will be relaying the order very soon," Nian Junting said helplessly.


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