Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
775 Aunty Mo Said… You Once Destroyed Their Family When You Were Young
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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775 Aunty Mo Said… You Once Destroyed Their Family When You Were Young

"But Mr. Xu could be… wrongly accused." The assistant's voice got softer and softer.

"Wrongly accused?"

Mo Jin said indifferently, "Why would people accuse him out of nowhere? It's not as if they are crazy so there must have been a reason. My guess is, he got tired of playing around with Chu Lei and abandoned her. She was resentful and asked her son to take revenge on him. If Yi Jingxi isn't older than Luosang, I would suspect Yi Jingxi is his bastard."

The assistant was dazed and thought that she made some sense.

"Drive to Xu Group so I can settle some old accounts and finish this early. I want to go to Xia City to meet that person, Nian Junting."

An City Hospital.

Yi Jingxi leaned on the bed silently like a statue. Beside him, Lawyer Cao talked for a while, but he remained silent. Lawyer Cao involuntary frowned. "Mr. Yi, have you heard what I said? I said, since you are hospitalized, try to stay longer so that the court delays the court session."

"What are the odds of winning this case?" Yi Jingxi asked as he finally regained his senses.

"The most troublesome thing is the recording, but rest assured, as long as you firmly deny it, I'll come up with something."

Just as Lawyer Cao finished, the door slammed open. Chu Lei panickily walked in. "Jingxi, how are you? You've been injured. Why didn't you tell me about such a big thing? My goodness, who beat you up like this?"

"Leave us first." Yi Jingxi glanced at Lawyer coolly.

Chu Lei caressed his face. His originally handsome face was now bruised all over and his lips were pale. She was angry on his behalf and her heart ached for him; her tears fell involuntarily. "Do you really want to worry me to death? Have you called the police? First that court case and now being hospitalized. Did Xu Luosang find someone to do this? I heard that she is with some rich man…"

"Mother, how did you know about me being injured?" Yi Jingxi frowned, staring deeply at her wrinkled face.

If possible, he didn't want to suspect her. His mother raised him alone and suffered too much.

Chu Lei was taken aback. "Someone sent me a message saying that you are hospitalized here, so I rushed over immediately."

Yi Jingxi's face changed slightly.

"What… what's wrong?" Chu Lei became unsettled looking at him.

"Mother, I met Luosang's mother, Mo Jin." Yi Jingxi saw that Chu Lei's expression had entirely changed when he was finished.

"She… wasn't she missing for a long time?" Yi Jingxi blurted out.

"How did you know that she was missing for a long time?" Yi Jingxi asked.

Chu Lei blinked. "No… while Xu Zhengxuan was in jail, a reporter mentioned it. I didn't expect her to be back again. That's… that's good. Has she reunited with her daughter?"

"Is that so?" Yi Jingxi frowned, watching her closely. "Mother, Aunty Mo said… you once destroyed their family when you were young."

"What nonsense you're saying." Chu Lei became angry as if someone stepped on her tail. "I'm your mother! How can you believe Mo Jin's words? Mo Jin is not a decent woman, frequently going in and out of nightclubs, not even caring for her own child."

"Mother, you seem to know her quite well," Yi Jingxi said astutely. "You weren't classmates with her either, right?"

"We weren't classmates, but back when I was doing research with Xu Zhengxuan, she was Xu Zhengxuan's wife, so we naturally would meet often."


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