Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
771 When Do You Intend to Claim My Sister
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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771 When Do You Intend to Claim My Sister

"That's right. You hurt Luosang badly and your mother destroyed my family, although I don't blame her. Men who can be stolen away are not good ones. I just feel that she takes me too lightly. If it wasn't that I needed to look after my kid and was also pregnant, I wouldn't have let her do as she pleased. Although I had neither power nor authority, no one dared to bully me either. She was the first. I've not remembered this for twenty years, till now." Mo Jin closed the car door once she was done speaking.

The chauffeur and assistant got into the car after her.

The tires skidded against the ground and the car left quickly, leaving a cloud of dust behind.

Yi Jingxi laid on the floor with some liquid dripping down from inside his nose. He was in pain. His whole body was in pain. Even his internal organs were hurting.

In his whole life, this was the first time he had been injured so bad. But the physical pain was still less than the pain in his heart.

If this pain could make up for the hurt he had caused Luosang, he was willing to be injured even more.

Mo Jin was Luosang's mother, so he would never retaliate against her. He only hated Xu Zhengxuan. But from Mo Jin's speech, did his mother destroy their family once? Was his mother really someone like that? He didn't know what to think.

Mo Jin and Xu Zhengxuan were divorced a long time ago; she wouldn't say this for no reason. Had he been fooled by Chu Wei all this time? No, that couldn't be. He couldn't accept that his own mother had lied to him.

At this moment, a car suddenly pulled over. Zeng Zhun opened the car door and hurriedly came down to help him. "How are you? I suspected something was wrong earlier, but I was held captive by the people in my car. It was only till they left just now that I could drive over. Are your injuries heavy? I'll call the police and the ambulance for you now."

"Don't… don't call the police." Yi Jingxi hurriedly grabbed his hand.

"This gang of people are lawless, tricking you here in the middle of the day to beat you up. Who is that woman?" Zeng Zhun was also bemused; that person didn't seem to be sent by Nian Junting.

"She is Luosang's mother." Yi Jingxi smiled bitterly.

Zeng Zhun was so shocked that his mouth dropped open. "Can't… can't be right, so wrong."

Yi Jingxi nodded and said weakly, "I only know that she belongs to the Morrison Clan, so I don't know much. Her having people to beat me up is what I deserve. She is right. This pain is nothing compared to what Luosang suffered."

Zeng Zhun went silent for a moment. He wasn't sure what to say either. In the end, he could only help Yi Jingxi up. "I'll send you to the hospital now."

On the way to the city, Mo Jin received Mo Liuxi's call.

"How badly did you beat up that bastard Yi Jingxi?"

"He won't be able to get up for half a month," Mo Jin said nonchalantly.

"That's no fun," Mo Liuxi snorted coldly. "If it were up to me, I would turn people like him into beggars. You are more useless the older you are."

Mo Jin's face turned black. "Who do you think you are talking to? Do you think this is what I want? If I had more time, I definitely would have made sure that Yi Jingxi was chased out like a dog. Only, he is selling away his company shares hurriedly, so I can't do anything else to him. However, I plan to deal with Chu Lei too."

"Aren't you avenging yourself because she stole your man in the past?" Mo Liuxi couldn't resist making a dig at her.

Mo Jin laughed. "You better watch your mouth. Even mentioning that old fool Xu Zhengxuan makes me want to vomit."

"Then when do you intend to claim my sister?" Mo Liuxi asked suddenly.


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