Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
742 Your Mother Is Not An Ordinary Person
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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742 Your Mother Is Not An Ordinary Person

Luosang immediately turned around, trembling slightly. She didn't expect Zeng Zhun to tell her that. 

"In fact, a couple of years ago, when you were still with Mr. Yi, your mother sent you gifts. She wanted to know if you're willing to go back to her. I think Mr. Yi has taken everything she sent you and answered her mail. He told her not to interrupt your life, you'll never forgive her, and something like that," said Zeng Zhun in an embarrassed, deep voice. 

Luosang stared at him with shock. Her eyes reddened instantly. It turned out that her mother didn't abandon her, that she was not dead and that Yi Jingxi had done more than one bad thing. 

"Why did he do that? Does he want me to end up all alone?" Luosang shivered with fear. 

How could anyone in this world be so evil? She used to love that man. This was horrible. 

"Because… Your mother is not just an ordinary person," Zeng Zhun said. "Only Yi Jingxi has seen those things she sent you. I had no idea about it and I didn't even know her address. Once, he mentioned it to me when he was drunk so don't bother to look for the source of the mail. He erased all the records." 

The hope which had risen in Luosang's heart died again. She thought that she could finally find her family, but Yi Jingxi had cut off all the connections between her and them. She never hated him so much. 

"Does he think that once I got back to my mother, he wouldn't be able to control me and bully me again?" Luosang asked.

Zeng Zhun stayed silent. 

Luosang nodded and said, "Thank you for telling me this. If you didn't tell me, I may have never known the truth."

After Zeng Zhun left, Luosang shambled back to her room, as though she was sleepwalking. Lu Kang followed behind her carefully, worrying that she might fall. 

Looking at her sad face, Lu Kang nearly collapsed. Last night, Nian Junting scolded him and deducted half of his monthly wage, and this morning, Luosang was suddenly upset. Would he lose the rest of his wage? 

Half-past twelve, the door of the conference room was opened. Nian Junting walked out first, high-spiritedly. Yi Jingxi followed behind him with a sullen look, watching him being surrounded by the other shareholders. 

Last year, those people surrounded him like that. A bunch of snobbish people. 

He had spent so much effort on that film and television base, but Nian Junting cut in and took it away from him. How could he possibly accept this? 

"Mr. Nian, no, it's Chairman Nian now. Let's have a meal together." Mr. Fang laughed and invited Nian Junting for lunch. 

"All right. I'll meet you guys later." The other shareholders coordinated well with him earlier, so Nian Junting would surely accept that invitation. 

"How about we go fishing together this afternoon?" Mr. Lu suggested. 

"No." Nian Junting shook his head. "I want to spend some time in the film and television base this afternoon. Tomorrow, I'll head back to Xia City since my girlfriend is still a student. Later this year, I'll invite all of you to my wedding." 

"Mr. Nian, you're going to have a great harvest this year!" The others laughed. 

"Thank you, everyone, for trusting me," said Nian Junting. He then turned around to look at Yi Jingxi who was behind him, then said apologetically, "Mr. Yi, I'm sorry. I'll be taking over your position for now. You're pretty busy, so maybe you should leave the work in this base for the others. Also, I heard that Yi Group isn't in good condition now. If you need cash, you can probably sell your stock to me. Of course, if you don't want to sell your stock of the film and television base, you can sell Yi Group. I'm willing to buy it from you. After all, that's my girlfriend's company. It can be a perfect wedding gift for her." 


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