Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
726 Jiang Qifei Began Trembling with Fear
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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726 Jiang Qifei Began Trembling with Fear

Jiang Qifei had never met her before but had seen photos of her two sons in Liao Qiulong's phone. Her photos had appeared in some magazines as well. 

Jiang Qifei clearly remembered that Liao Qiulong's wife, Wang Ping, was sixty-eight years old. Although her fatness made her look younger than her real age, she did not know how to make herself look good. With the clothes that she was wearing, her waist and legs looked huge, and her face looked like a giant pancake. Thankfully, her hair was not gray. 

Seeing the three people show up together, Jiang Qifei immediately had a bad feeling. She turned, tempted to run, but ended up being pressed up against her sports car by Liao Qiulong's two sons. 

Wang Ping walked over, spent some time looking at her from head to toe, then glanced at the luxurious car. Afterwards, she said infuriatingly, "What a little fox. When did your dad buy me such an expensive car? It's worth millions." 

"Madam, do you have some kind of misunderstanding? I don't know you," said Jiang Qifei uneasily. 

"You don't know us?" Liao Qiulong's elder son sneered, "Why didn't you tell my father that you didn't know us when you seduced him? Why didn't you say that when you slept with my father? You're such a slut. You're over fifty, yet you can still do something like that. Since you like to seduce people so much, I'll let you have enough of it today!" 

After saying that, he slapped Jiang Qifei on the face. 

He was tall and strong. The slap made Jiang Qifei dizzy, making her head hit the car door. 

When she recovered from the dizziness, Liao Qiulong's younger son rushed over, grasped her hair, slapping her several times. 

Watching, Wang Ping felt it wasn't enough. As her two sons were holding Jiang Qifei down, she came up and kicked her a few times. 

Jiang Qifei was no match for the three of them. In a short while, she became defenseless, and tasted blood from her own mouth. She murmured, begging for help, but there were only a few cars in the parking lot. Occasionally, a few cars drove past them, but no one had the courage to try to stop Wang Ping and her sons. 

Finally, they stopped slapping her. She thought it was the end, but she was wrong. Liao Qiulong's two sons began punching and kicking her. 

"Please, please stop, please, I won't do it ever again…" Jiang Qifei couldn't take any more of it. 

She had always lived a good life. When did she ever suffer something like this? 

"Strip her. Since she loves to seduce men so much, let every man see her," Wang Ping ordered.

Jiang Qifei began trembling with fear, hurriedly gripping her own clothes. 

She couldn't take that kind of humiliation. 

However, she was all alone. How could she ever win over these three people? 

Before long, the three ripped off all her clothes. 

Wang Ping was even recording it with her phone. 

"No! Please, please give me my clothes back!" Jiang Qifei had ever experienced something like this. She almost collapsed. 

If her daughter and other families knew about this, she wouldn't be able to face them the rest of her life. 

"A woman like you doesn't need clothes." Liao Qiulong's eldest son didn't give the clothes back to her, but grabbed the purse which she was holding in her hands. 

Jiang Qifei gripped the purse with all her strength. She just wouldn't let it go. 

Her car keys and phone were all in her purse. If she let them take that away too, she would really have nowhere to hide. 

"Please don't take it. I promise I'll never see your father again." Her face was swelling, so she couldn't even pronounce clearly. 

Liao Qiulong's younger son landed a kick into her lower abdomen. 

She screamed in pain, fell to the ground and curled up. She was unable to stand. 

Wang Ping spat at her, then said to her sons, "Let's go." 

The three people got into their car and left. 

In the parking lot, Jiang Qifei laid on the ground for a while. Half of her body was disabled from moving. 


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