Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
720 Who’s Your Dad? Watch Your Mouth.
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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720 Who’s Your Dad? Watch Your Mouth.

Nian Qingyun even wanted to kill him, but his daughter wouldn't let him. "I get it. You broke up with Ji Chuan for him, didn't you? You two were doing fine. No wonder you suddenly refused to marry Ji Chaun. I should have known it. How could you do this? Is this fair to Ji Chuan? Look at him. He looks like a boy toy. A gust of wind could even blow him to the ground. Only a man like Ji Chuan is a real man. His body shape can tell you that." Nian Qingyun used to be a soldier, too. Even though he was middle-aged now, he still kept fit. He disliked those weak-looking men like Jiang Yuning the most.

"Dad, there really is nothing going on between him and me." Nian Xi felt uncomfortable when her father mentioned Feng Ji Chuan. "He's lost, and he went to our police station. I brought him back because he had nowhere to go."

Nian Qingyun sneered. "Couldn't you find a more real excuse? Your police station is large. Couldn't you find a place there for him to get through the night? Do you think I've never been in a police station before? If what you said is true, you'd have to bring every lost person back home, wouldn't you?"

Nian Xi opened her mouth wide. She admitted that no one would believe what she said, but what she said was the truth.

"Look at this silly boy. He hasn't even greeted me yet." The more Nian Qingyun looked at the goofy-looking Jiang Yuning, the angrier he got. "Look at him. He's not a man-whore, is he?"

Nian Xi's face turned dark. "Dad, am I that kind of person?"

The more Nian Qingyun thought about it, the more he tended to believe he'd guessed correctly. So, he even wanted to eat Jiang Yuning alive. "Nian Xi, you are a police officer. I couldn't have imagined that you'd actually do something like this. What have I been telling you since you were little? You need to restrain yourself. I've been giving you too much freedom, and your mother never restrained you. Move back home right now." Nian Qingyun grabbed Nian Xi angrily and headed toward the door.

As he had gone merely a few steps, his wrist was suddenly grasped. Nian Qingyun turned back and saw Jiang Yuning staring at him coldly and alertly. Anger surged up to his head. He clenched his fist and prepared to make a move. The sharp-eyed Nian Xi saw Jiang Yuning take out that pen cap-like little thing from his trouser pocket. She hurriedly freed herself from Nian Qingyun, then grabbed Jiang Yuning's arm and said, "Calm down, calm down. He's my father. Don't knock him out, too."

Nian Qingyun's fist paused in the air. At first, he thought Nian Xi was talking to him, but then he realized that she was actually talking to that boy. He almost vomited blood. "Him knock me out? How ridiculous. I can put him down with one single punch," Nian Qingyun yelled.

Jiang Yuning ignored him as if he hadn't heard him talking and nodded at Nian Xi obediently, then put the little weapon back into his pocket. He wanted to write, but recalled that Nian Xi had taken away his notebook and pen, so he moved his lips, talking to her with the simplest words that he could come up with. "Don't hit… dad." He wanted to say, "your dad," but as he didn't want to talk too much, he omitted the word "your."

Hearing that, Nian Xi was stunned.

Nian Qingyun was immediately infuriated. "Who's your dad? Watch your mouth! I'll never let a man-whore be my son-in-law. I'll never accept you, not even when I die! Stay away from Nian Xi! Don't let me see you again, or I'll beat you up every time I see you!"

"Dad, don't misunderstand. He doesn't talk much. He just left out some words." Nian Xi didn't know him well enough, but she did know that he could be lazy when talking.


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