Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
701 When did you find out about Jiang Qifei?
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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701 When did you find out about Jiang Qifei?

"No." Lu Kang was frustrated.

"Mr. Nian, that's not very nice of you. You have been saying terrible things about Qiao Xue, and that girl has been avoiding me ever since then. Now that you're in a good mood again, you're saying that we're a compatible match."

Nian Junting said casually, "I was in a foul mood then. It was insensitive of you two to appear to happily in love in front of me."

Lu Kang grimaced. "When did I ever do that? She merely bought me a mug."

"She's saying that you are her cup of tea. Isn't that obnoxious?" Nian Junting grunted.

Lu Kang didn't wish to defend himself further.

Luosang smiled. "I thought that Assistant Lu might stand a chance now that Su has broken up with her boyfriend. I guess not then."

Lu Kang was stunned. His eyes looked hopeful. "Su is single now?"

"Yeah, they just broke up a few days ago."

Nian Junting looked at his assistant and said coolly, "You're thinking of Qiao Xue on one end and Yan Su on the other. You're so fickle-minded."

"That's not true." Lu Kang felt wronged, and he continued, "Yan Su is like a rare flower on the cliff. She might be a little out of my reach. She might not even like me that way. Qiao Xue is quite cute, like a girl next door. She could marry me, and we could spend the rest of our lives together. She might be more suitable for me."

"I don't know." Nian Junting frowned and quickly reached for Luosang's hands. "I only know that you should go after whoever you like. Don't flirt around like that."

"Mr. Nian, not everyone can just get the girl like you," Lu Kang sighed.

"How could you think that you're not good enough for Yan Su as my assistant? I'm quite disappointed that you would think that way," Nian Junting said. "You've been someone I value for so many years. I approve of your capabilities and potential. You earn quite a bit too, don't you? Your yearly salary is over a million dollars, and you dabble in investments as well. You don't smoke or drink, you cook well, and you do chores. I would rate you seventy points as a man. I'm a hundred points, of course."

Lu Kang was shocked at his sudden outburst of affection. He had never heard his boss compliment him like this before.

No wonder people said that men changed when they became dads. He had grown more compassionate.

"Mr. Nian, do you think I can court Yan Su then?"

Lu Kang snuck a look at Luosang, and she didn't look like she was going to oppose the idea. He heaved a sigh of relief. "Miss Xu, do you think Yan Su will like someone like me?"

"I don't know. It really depends on the individual when it comes to feelings," Luosang said. "I don't think women are always looking for material qualities in men or how they look. We're just looking for guys who will show us care and provide us with warmth."

Nian Junting added, "Anyway, they're looking for men like me. You might not become me, but you can always learn from me."

"No way I'm learning from you," Lu Kang thought to himself.

After the conversation ended, Luosang turned to ask Nian Junting, "You haven't told me—when did you find out about Jiang Qifei? Who told you about it?"

Nian Junting cast her a side glance and said smugly, "I found out long ago. I thought that your acting was terrible, and I decided to play along with you."

Luosang was stunned. She found his statement sounding familiar. 

"How dare he talk about her acting when he acts in such a dramatic and unrealistic way?" she thought to herself.

"Did you know when I used Chi Shengxu to hurt you?" Luosang was puzzled. "You were putting on an act when you stood below my block?"


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