Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
655 He Was Like a Body of Light, Catching the Attention of Everyone in His Presence
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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655 He Was Like a Body of Light, Catching the Attention of Everyone in His Presence

"He's going to the forum tonight. I've got it! He's probably taking the two-thirty flight there, even though there are earlier flights at nine and ten o'clock," Yan Su analyzed.

Luosang agreed with her. He was most likely on that flight. She couldn't be sure, though. It depended on fate and luck as well. "Well, he must be sitting in the first-class cabin. It's so expensive…" Luosang was in a dilemma. "The tickets will cost three thousand dollars without any discounts."

Yan Su rolled her eyes. "Didn't the company at Ye Chuen's party compensate you three million dollars…"

"I am saving that money for my father's lawsuit. I don't know how long the case will drag on, so I can't spend that money." Luosang shook her head.

"Alright, I'll buy it for you, since you're bringing me to see Shi Xiang." Yan Su was already ordering the tickets on her phone.

"Su, you are the best! Don't worry, I won't forget about you when I marry and have kids with Nian Junting." Luosang hugged her friend tightly.

Yan Su was speechless. "You just hurt him so cruelly, and you're already talking about marrying him and having his children? Where did your confidence come from?"

Luosang looked at her awkwardly. "Don't tease me. I can still hope for my future."

"Forget it, I'll let it go. I'm going to order the tickets." Yan Su burst out laughing.

Afterward, Yan Su texted Nian Junting discreetly while Luosang wasn't noticing.

After three days, the two of them hurried back to the apartment to pack after having lunch in the school cafeteria. When they left the house, Luosang was wearing a denim jacket. However, she had second thoughts when she got to the door and went back in to change into a pair of jeans.

Yan Su was anxiously looking at her watch. "Won't you hurry up? You're not a celebrity. You don't have to bother with airport fashion."

Luosang blushed. "We might bump into Nian Junting on the plane. He hasn't seen me in a while. I don't want him to think that I've become uglier."

"I think you want him to be swept off his feet," Yan Su blurted out. "I've never seen this pair of jeans before. Did you buy them yesterday?"


Not only had she bought that pair of jeans, but she also bought a couple of other outfits.

"Aren't you worried that Mr. Nian might think you're trying to seduce him when he sees how pretty you look? He might come chasing after you again. Why would Jiang Qifei give you the evidence then?" Yan Su added.

"Alright, should I change back?" Luosang was flustered.

"Forget it, we're running out of time. If we don't leave now, don't even talk about meeting him if we can't catch our flight." Yan Su was pulling her along and handed her a pair of shoes.

They left the apartment later than expected, and there was heavy traffic on their way to the airport. When they finally arrived, it was already the last boarding call. The two of them hurried to the boarding gate and entered the VIP lounge. All first-class passengers enjoyed this privilege, and there were five or six people sitting in the lounge when they entered.

The most eye-catching man among them was Nian Junting. He was wearing a gray vest and a matching suit, a blue shirt underneath, and a navy blue checkered tie. He was sitting on a chair in a relaxed manner, and he looked regal and composed. His lean body and long legs were obvious and accentuated.

Luosang did a double take. She hadn't seen him in such a nice outfit in a while. He was like a body of light, catching the attention of everyone in his presence. He looked foreign to her, too. The last time she had seen him was when he stood beneath her apartment, drenched like a sad puppy. Now, he was chatting with a woman with a cold expression.


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