Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
626 Don’t You Like That I’m Passionate?
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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626 Don’t You Like That I’m Passionate?

Her embarrassment was suddenly gone, and she was frozen. She had nearly forgotten. Her period had never come. It had been her safe period all along. It seemed like there was no hope of getting impregnated within the next few days. Even if her period came the next day, it would take her another week at least to be fertile. Gosh…

"Why, you like to use this kind?" Nian Junting picked up two with each hand, his raspy voice tickling her ears. "Fine. I'll use these, then. I don't really like the feeling of wearing a covering."

Luosang was still devastated. She casually remarked, "You don't have to wear it if you don't want to. It doesn't really matter to me."

Nian Junting's eyes lit up, and he carried her in his arms. Luosang clung onto his neck in shock. "Weren't you going to work from your home office?"

"I can be a little late." Nian Junting placed her on the bed and began kissing her fervently as he undressed. Luosang returned his kisses with equal passion. She couldn't bear to let him go. She couldn't bear to hurt him and leave him. It would be for three months only, and then she would make it up to him afterward.

She had to clear Xu Zhengxuan's name. Only then could she marry him properly without the Nian family's disapproval. Even though they had not objected to their relationship, she knew that she wouldn't have their blessing if they were to get married.

Junting, you must forgive me.

On the second floor, Sister Lan was carrying a cup of coffee to the study. Before she walked into the study, she could hear moaning coming from the bedroom as the door was half shut. She blushed and brought the coffee back down again.

Butler Wu laughed. "Why did you come back down? Young Master didn't want it?"

Sister Lan said in embarrassment, "Sang and Young Master are too much. They don't even shut the door now. Isn't it a tad early? It's only eight o'clock. It's taxing on the health if they carry on like this. I'll have to make him some tonic tomorrow."

Butler Wu was stunned, and he cleared his throat. "The next time they are home, I think we should stay clear of the second floor."


When they finished, it was still early. Nian Junting didn't rush to get out of bed as Luosang laid quietly in his arms. She was tracing her finger on his chest, her cheeks pink and rosy. Her eyes were slightly damp.

Nian Junting looked at her and pecked her on the cheeks. "Luo, why are you so passionate today? I'm not used to it. You're usually passionate, too, of course, but even more so today." He felt uneasy all of a sudden, but he quickly dismissed his worries. It was unnecessary to overthink the matter, as he was such an outstanding man.

"Don't you like that I'm passionate?" Luosang opened her eyes and looked at him. She was even more seductive batting her bashful, doe-like eyes.

Nian Junting was lost in her eyes. "No, I am glad. I think you've finally let go to fully enjoy yourself with me. I think we can start expanding the vocabulary during our intimate moments."


"For example, you can say things like: you are so good, this feels amazing, harder, Junting, harder, I want more…"

"I think you'd better get to work." Luosang pulled up the blanket. She shattered his fantasies right away. He should be tormented for how shameless he was.

Over the next few days, Nian Junting was giddy with joy. It was surreal. Luosang made him breakfast every morning. Some days she would even prepare his toothpaste for him. At night, she busied herself by preparing dinner for him. That morning, he felt her kiss him while he was still asleep.


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