Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
528 Junting, How Are You Feeling
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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528 Junting, How Are You Feeling

"You only ate so little today? Is the food not good?" The restaurant owner glanced at her plate. She habitually asked for her customers' comments.

Luosang wanted to answer the question, but before she did, Nian Junting spoke. "This lady said that your food is not clean. She said that you never wash vegetables, your ham is made from dead pigs, and your chopsticks are recycled. She also said that your food can make people infertile."

Luosang was thoroughly speechless. Who on earth mentioned infertility? You're such a shameless person! she thought. She immediately caught the restaurant owner's angry gaze.

"Oi, young lady, how could you tell my customers all these lies? My food is perfectly clean. You come here often. I was even going to offer you a discount. You're not welcome here anymore. Don't let me see you again," said the restaurant owner angrily.

Luosang hurriedly explained, "You misunderstood. I was talking irresponsibly just now…"

"How could you talk like that? Just pay the bill and get out." The restaurant owner directly expelled her. "Twenty-eight yuan in total."

Nian Junting was shocked. "I didn't know food could be so cheap!"

Luosang didn't want to say another word to him. She quickly took out her money, paid the bill, then dragged Yan Su out of the restaurant. Her appetite today hadn't been good to begin with. After she saw and talked to Nian Junting, it got even worse. Now, she only wanted to go back to her apartment.

Less than three minutes after she left the malatang place, a Benz quickly caught up with her and Yan Su. The car window opened. Nian Junting talked to Luosang from the front seat, "Miss Xu, what a coincidence, we ran into each other again."

Luosang and Yan Su were both rather speechless. The driver's seat was on the left side, and they were walking on the right side of the road, so in order to talk to Luosang more conveniently, Nian Junting let Qiao Xue drive the car. What an idiot.

Luosang stopped walking and gritted her teeth. "What do you want now? Aren't you gonna finish your malatang?"

"Nope. My girlfriend said that she wants to go for a drive." Nian Junting put one hand on the car window. His black eyes glowed brightly.

Luosang turned to him and said, "Nian Junting, you broke up with me, and now you made this girl pretend to be your girlfriend. Is this fun?"

Nian Junting snorted. "You really know how to flatter yourself. Do I need to do this to make you jealous?"

Luosang sneered, abruptly walked to the window, and put her lips near his ear. Sensing the familiar but long-lost aroma of hers, Nian Junting was dazed for a second. He nearly lost control of himself and tried to drag her into his arms and kiss her wildly. But in the next moment, he heard Luosang say in a very low voice that could only be heard by the two of them, "You're sick. Can your body react to anyone else but me?"

Nian Junting's handsome face reddened slightly, and then he felt humiliated and angry. He responded through clenched teeth, "I have fully recovered."

Luosang spent a few seconds gazing straight at him, then sneered again. "Congratulations. I hope your love lasts a hundred years and that you have babies soon. I was only a tool to fulfill your sexual needs, anyway." After saying that, she turned and left.

"Xu Luosang, stop!" Nian Junting opened the door to chase her, but suddenly, the car moved. He had one foot out of the car and the other one inside. As a result, he was dragged on the ground for a few seconds, then bumped against the car door and flew backward.

"Ah!" Yan Su burst out screaming.

Luosang, who was only a few steps away, turned back to find Nian Junting lying face-up on the roadside, his hands covering his right leg. Blood could be seen on his forehead. She was freaked out. She hurriedly ran over to help him up, asking, "Junting, how are you feeling…"

"I think my ankle is sprained." Nian Junting gasped quickly in pain. He wanted to tear Qiao Xue into pieces now, but seeing the worried look on Luosang's face, he was suddenly less angry.


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