Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
493 Sexual Dysfunction, You Know? He Was Sick for Years
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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493 Sexual Dysfunction, You Know? He Was Sick for Years

Hearing his words, Nian Xi wasn't comfortable. "Ji Chuan, I didn't know that you have a prejudice against Luosang, but now I've suddenly realized that," she said.

"I don't have a prejudice against her. I just don't know her well enough." Ji Chuan shook his head and said, "For that reason, I'll naturally take Shuangwei's side."

"I don't take anyone's side. I only know that sometimes it's not about how long you've known a person. I've liked Luosang since I first met her. Besides, she's my brother's girlfriend. You should believe my brother and stand in his shoes to think about this instead of putting everybody in an awkward situation."

Ji Chuan asked abruptly, "Do you think their relationship can last?"

"What do you mean?" Nian Xi wasn't happy about it. "Do you still want Shuangwei to be with my brother? Don't joke around. I'd be fine with it, but my mom wouldn't agree. Besides, that would be unfair to Luosang."

"I was just saying. Calm down." Ji Chuan hurriedly held her hands. "But there's one thing you need to understand. We're going to get married, so Junting and Shuangwei will see each other sooner or later."

"I know that…" Nian Xi said with a twist of her mouth, "Enough talking. I'm going home."

"Drive slowly, go to bed early, and don't be angry." Ji Chuan smiled and pinched her cheeks.

Nian Xi pouted, threw a threatening glance at him, then got in the car and left.

On the other side, a black Audi drove into town.

Xiao Si woke up from a nap, rubbed his eyes, and said, "Where are we? Tingting, why am I not home yet?"

Leng Shuangwei glanced at him and said, "You're really drunk. I'm Shuangwei."

Xiao Si shook his head and said, "Ah, right, Tingting and Sangsang went home."

Went home… Hearing those words, a hidden sadness appeared in Leng Shuangwei's eyes. Over the years, she had tried her best to harden herself and to forget about the past. However, she couldn't help thinking about that man every time she came back to this city. She had never seen him when she came back before, but every time, she heard about him. She knew that he had been single the whole time, but this year…

Leng Shuangwei gripped the steering wheel and asked bitterly, "Si, why have you never mentioned Junting's girlfriend to me?"

"Um… haven't I?" Xiao Si leaned his head on the window, looking very drunk. "Why bother? You've broken up anyway, and you haven't started a new relationship. I don't want to aggravate you."

Leng Shuangwei turned down the radio and asked in a serious tone, "When did they meet each other? Can you tell me about it?"

"It was the end of last year, when Junting's spine was injured in a car accident. Sangsang came to take care of him," Xiao Si murmured in answer to her question.

"Junting had a car accident?" Leng Shuangwei was shocked. "I knew nothing about that."

"He told me to tell no one." Xiao Si raised a hand to point in a random direction.

"So Xu Luosang availed herself of the opportunity to get close to him at that time?" Leng Shuangwei slowed the car down.

"I don't know. But back then…hehe, his body reacted to Luosang." Xiao Si smirked and said, "Sexual dysfunction, you know? Junting was sick for years. The doctor tried everything but failed to cure him. But after Luosang touched him, he was miraculously healed. His body only responds to her."

Leng Shuangwei's eyes popped in shock. She hurriedly pulled over, then grabbed Xiao Si's arm and asked, "When did Junting have sexual dysfunction? I didn't know about it."


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