Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
491 You’re a Little Different Today
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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491 You’re a Little Different Today

After leaving the Feng family, Luosang felt that even the air outside made her feel free and comfortable. She didn't like the atmosphere in the Feng family. However, if she married Nian Junting, and Nian Xi married Ji Chuan, she would certainly need to get together with Feng family people pretty often in the future.

"Don't drive too fast," Nian Junting reminded her. Today Luosang was driving. That huge off-road car made her feel like she was driving a tank. Luosang heard him but ignored him.

"We've already left. Are you still jealous?" Nian Junting turned to ask her. "They invited me to karaoke, but I refused."

Luosang hesitated for a while, then told him the truth. "I feel that you're a little different today."

Nian Junting was puzzled for a second and then said, "Different how? I'm the same as usual."

"You didn't act naturally in front of Leng Shuangwei," said Luosang. "You love to show off our relationship, but you didn't do it in front of her."

"Are you unhappy because I didn't show off our relationship?" Nian Junting stared straight at her with a pair of dark eyes. "Do you want me to flaunt our relationship in front of Leng Shuangwei?"

Luosang felt annoyed. She didn't understand it, either. "You weren't like this in front of Chi Shengxu and Yi Jingxi. I think you care about her feelings."

"Women always like to overthink things, and you really are sensitive." Nian Junting smiled. He glanced at Luosang helplessly and said, "But I won't mind, as you only think this way because you love me so much. Luosang, I hope you understand that I did what I did not because I still love her, but because it's the most basic respect to a woman who used to be my girlfriend."

He paused for a second, then continued with a slight frown, "What happened years ago wasn't Leng Shuangwei's fault. She was a victim, too, and her parents divorced. Now, I have a new relationship. If I deliberately show off our relationship in front of her, it may seem like I'm proud because I found a better girl after we broke up. You're not a toy to be shown off, and she's not a bad woman. What I can do is to keep a distance from her and try my best not to see her again."

You said so much because you care about her feelings, am I not right? Luosang thought, You didn't have these worries in front of Nian Xi and Xiao Si. Is this because you used to love each other deeply?

Nian Junting shook his head and said, "And in front of her, I didn't act like you and I aren't close. I clearly introduced you to her as my girlfriend. I didn't know that she'd be there tonight. If I had known, I wouldn't have gone."

"Why? Didn't you just say that she's a victim, too?" said Luosang.

"Yeah, that's why I'm fine with her hanging out with the others. After all, there isn't a problem between her and them. There is a problem between her and me. It's not only about what happened between our parents, but also because I'm with you now. It's not appropriate for me to be close to Leng Shuangwei. And of course, I just don't want you to be jealous." Nian Junting sniffed the air, then smiled and carried on, "Have you smelled it? Since we left the Feng family, my car has been filled with jealousy. Someone has exploded with jealousy."

Exploded with jealousy… Luosang was a little speechless, but she was also a little relieved. She told herself not to think about the conversation between Mr. Feng and Mrs. Feng, or how much Nian Junting used to care about Leng Shuangwei. She told herself to focus on the present.

Luosang thought for a moment, then said, "Next time, if the Feng family invites us again, you should go without me."

"Why?" Nian Junting asked. "You're not mad at Ji Chuan, are you?"


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