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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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456 Marry Me

After breakfast, they went diving. On the way, the Chinese tour guide continued to compliment the two of them on how well suited they were to each other, just as Luosang said he would. This time, Luosang didn't tip him. The tour guide seemed to be disappointed and stopped complimenting them endlessly. Nian Junting was disappointed as well.

They went out to sea on a private yacht. Luosang took out her phone to take pictures of herself and Nian Junting, and then they started taking pictures of each other. Luosang was not quite satisfied with Nian Junting's photography skill, as she thought that she didn't look good enough in the photos he took.

Unlike her, Nian Junting was very satisfied with the photos he took. He even set one of Luosang's photos as the wallpaper on his phone, and then made Luosang set one of his photos as her wallpaper. He also changed his WeChat profile picture to a photo of himself and Luosang. After that, he still felt like it was not enough. So, he posted nine pictures on his WeChat Moments. In less than five minutes, a series of compliments was seen under those pictures.

You two are so pretty…

Such a perfect match…

Mr. Nian, your girlfriend is gorgeous…

So happy…

Before long, dozens of comments were left for those pictures. Nian Junting was very pleased, so he kept checking his WeChat Moment from time to time.

Luosang was quite speechless. She had never seen a man who enjoyed posting pictures on WeChat so much. She remembered that Nian Junting wasn't keen on WeChat Moments before, but after they became boyfriend and girlfriend, he changed drastically.

She silently wondered if the people who had seen his WeChat Moments would think that she had their boss enchanted. At last, she checked her WeChat Moment and saw CEO Nian had replied to all the comments — Thank you for the good words.

She didn't know what to say about it.

As they arrived at the diving spots, quite a few yachts had berthed nearby. This place was a popular diving spot. Many people had already begun diving. However, Luosang's legs went limp the moment she saw the boundless ocean.

Nian Junting jumped into the water and taught her what to do. She gave it a try, but then gave up. Due to her poor physical conditioning, she felt quite stressed, so she refused to try diving again. However, she was willing to do some snorkeling. She didn't see the coral, but the seawater was limpid, so she was able to see all sorts of beautiful little fish swimming past her. She spent a while watching the fish, then raised her head to find Nian Junting looking at her painfully.

"What's wrong? Just leave me here. Go dive and have fun. We don't come here every day," said Luosang.

"Then you watch me go down," said Nian Junting. "I'll bring you some fish." After saying that, he dove into the water. Luosang watched him diving toward the bottom of the sea until she couldn't see him anymore.

A while later, she suddenly saw him coming up with two diving instructors, followed by a shoal of fish with white and yellow stripes. She was stunned by this breathtakingly beautiful scene that she had never seen before.

Before touching the water's surface, Nian Junting suddenly paused and took out a champagne rose from God knew where. After that, the diving instructor beside him spread a banner. The words on the banner were "Marry Me." The other instructor raised another banner—"I am fond of you."

That happened so suddenly, Luosang was astonished. She thought that her eyes were blurred, so she hurriedly raised her head from the water. Soon after, Nian Junting bobbed up, took off the oxygen mask, and looked at her while gasping. "Why did you suddenly raise your head? We spent a great effort to drive those fishes between us. Talk." Seawater streamed down Nian Junting's handsome face.

"Why did you… suddenly propose…" Luosang stuttered.

"Your virginity is so precious, so I surely need to purpose to you before having sex with you, or I'd be acting like an indecent man." Nian Junting gazed at her seriously.


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