Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
410 It Could Be Annoying to Have an Overly Sensitive Sister-in-Law
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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410 It Could Be Annoying to Have an Overly Sensitive Sister-in-Law

Nian Xi tried to recall what she had said earlier, but to no avail. She thought, my brother has found a detective, not a girlfriend.

"Sangsang, I think you shouldn't go into dubbing. You should just come with me to work at the police station after you graduate," Nian Xi said earnestly.

"Wait 'til Ji Chuan returns. I believe you'll become just as sensitive as me one day." Luosang shrugged and laughed. "Actually it makes sense. After all, you all grew up together. It must have been easy to develop feelings for one another. It's the same with you and Ji Chuan. You got engaged so early on. Furthermore, your families already know each other. It's just like in the TV shows. After all, TV shows stem from reality."


Nian Xi thought to herself, it could be annoying to have an overly sensitive sister-in-law. Nian Xi suspected that if her brother found out that Sangsang knew about this, he would blame her for being too big-mouthed.

"Keep guessing," she said plainly.

"Your brother must have broken up with her because of what happened between your parents." Luosang fell silent momentarily, then continued, "After such an incident, your mom and Uncle Leng would never want to see each other again. How could their children bear to continue their relationship as if nothing had happened? Your mom would never approve of it, anyway."

"Hmm… you guessed right." Nian Xi nodded. "But rest assured, that happened so long ago. My brother only has eyes for you now."

"Hmph, I didn't say anything." Luosang shot her a look.

Nian Xi was speechless. After saying so much, how could Luosang say that she hadn't said anything? Nian Xi was almost on edge.

"But… Leng Shuangwei, Xiao Si, and your fiancé are good friends. I'll probably meet them sooner or later," Luosang pondered aloud.

"Hmm, probably. She'll definitely be present for me and Ji Chuan." Nian Xi nodded. "But there's nothing to worry about. Although she dated my brother, my brother has not lost his innocence."

Luosang blinked. "Are you sure you two are brother and sister?" To have described him as a virgin so elegantly…

"Of course. Although I'm compassionate and he's aloof, we barely have anything in common."

"But how are you so sure that your brother never had sexual relations with Leng Shuangwei?" Luosang asked curiously.

Nian Xi wanted to bite off her own tongue. She realized that she should have been careful while talking to a sensitive woman. She could not possibly reveal that her brother had once injured that body part, could she? "Shuangwei told me before. Moreover, they both served in the army. They had very little time off."

"So, she served in the army." Luosang frowned. She recalled Nian Junting had mentioned that he used to discuss warfare tactics.

"Mm, her father was a soldier." Nian Xi saw that she was frowning. She felt her heart in her mouth. "What's the matter?"

"I was thinking, if she has not forgotten about your brother, I'll never be able to defeat her," Luosang joked.

Nian Xi chuckled. "You can bring my mother along. I guarantee that she can match her in combat. Don't think so much, really. It'll be impossible for her to come between our family. After all, I'm the one who should be upset right now, alright? My fiancé has been shot. You have to comfort me."

Luosang burst out laughing.

After taking Luosang to her villa, Nian Xi drove herself home. On the way home, she received a call from Nian Junting. "I heard you all met Jiang Qi Fei while shopping today. You already know about Ji Chuan?"


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