Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
375 Please Allow Me to Send You Overseas for a While
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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375 Please Allow Me to Send You Overseas for a While

The moment Chi Shengxu arrived at the apartment, he started receiving calls from his manager. Before he left, Luo Sang said to him, "Shengxu, it's not too late now. You should apologize and stay clear away from me. Yi Jingxi won't let you off so easily."

"I'm not afraid of him. I have my own connections, too. I don't believe he can do whatever he wishes." Chi Shengxu left in a hurry.

After Chi Shengxu left, Lu Kang hurried over after receiving Yan Su's call. "I'm so sorry, Miss Xu. Young master asked me to take care of you, but I let him down. I've already made several phone calls to several media companies to snuff out what happened tonight, but three of the companies are under the Yi Group's control. I don't think I'll be able to control the news coverage without Mr. Nian and Mr. Xiao around. Please allow me to send you overseas for a while for your own safety. Mr. Nian will surely take care of this once he returns."

"You can grab a hold of Mr. Nian?" Yan Su asked anxiously.

Lu Kang shook his head desperately. "He is in a small town near the Himalayas. It's freezing cold over there. The reception is at its worst. There's no way of getting through to his cell phone. We're going to have to wait for a couple of days for them to reach their destination."

Luo Sang was shocked. She couldn't believe her luck.

"How about Mr. Nian's mother?" Yan Su said, "She has accepted Luo Sang already, hasn't she? Will she be of any help?"

Lu Kang shrugged again. "I checked on my way over. The Murongs are in Finland for a vacation. They're on their flight right now."

Yan Su was baffled. "How can everything happen so coincidentally? Are they going overseas on purpose?"

Lu Kang was silent.

Luo Sang said calmly, "I guess whatever Junting said about his grandparents accepting me into the family was a white lie. They must still have objections against me."

"Shameless," Yan Su said angrily. "Never mind, there's no counting on them for sure. I think Lu Kang is right. You should head overseas to ride out this storm. You won't be able to continue going to class anymore. Stay overseas for maybe half a year and wait for the worst to pass. Mr. Nian will be back by then as well."

"…Susu is right." Lu Kang added, "Mr. Nian will never let me off if anything happens to you. He told me that he didn't want to see you come to any harm."

"Ok, I'll leave." Luo Sang finally nodded in agreement.

She tossed and turned the whole night. The next morning, she saw the news and was shocked. The headlines read, "Daughter of sexual criminal childhood beau with Chi Shengxu." The photo below the headlines was snapped when the two of them were leaving the auditorium the night before.

Many more students who once accused her father of sexual misconduct stepped forward to recount their stories once more. It was a catastrophe.

Luo Sang looked at her social media page and saw many negative comments directed at Chi Shengxu. Even his own fan page was filled with enraged comments, and many fans were threatening to unfollow him.


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