Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
296 Do You Still Remember Me, Miss Ji?
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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296 Do You Still Remember Me, Miss Ji?

Chapter 296 - Do You Still Remember Me, Miss Ji?

The lady walking in front of her seemed like she was the assistant. She was wearing a denim jacket and carrying a large tote bag as she lifted the beaded curtain for the lady behind her.

Luo Sang kept her eyes on the pair as they took their seats next to the fountain. After they ordered fruit juices, the lady in the denim jacket looked over to Luo Sang and caught her gaze. She frowned before whispering something to the pretty lady. The lady glanced at Luo Sang and paused for a couple of seconds before looking away. She looked down at a thick book in her lap.

Luo Sang took a sip of her juice before heading toward the lady in her high heels. "Hello, Miss Ji.

The woman in the denim jacket reminded her harshly, "Excuse me, miss, I know you want an autograph, but please observe the regulations in this restaurant. It was extremely rude of you to stare at us earlier on.

"Sorry, I haven't seen Miss Ji in a long time. I just wanted to say hello. Luo Sang smiled and said apologetically, "Do you still remember me, Miss Ji?

Ji Nuanyi finally looked up from her script and stared hard at the beautiful girl in front of her. She found Luo Sang extremely familiar. "You are…

"Luosang, Xu Luosang.

"Luosang? Ji Nuanyi was shocked and looked at her with surprise and delight. "You look… so different! You always went for the natural beauty look, innocent like a schoolgirl. You look a lot more mature now.

Luo Sang smiled gently, since she only looked different today because she was dolled up for this special event. She heaved a sigh of relief to see Ji Nuanyi greet her warmly as she had in the past.

"Miss Ji, you look more beautiful than ever.

"Come on, you flatter me so. Ji Nuanyi put down her script and laughed. "Let's sit together.

"You're still so hardworking. Luo Sang looked at the script she had put on the table. She didn't expect Ji Nuanyi to work as hard as she had before, now that she was so popular.

"I have to do justice to my profession. Ji Nuanyi looked at her with a tinge of apology. "I'm sorry about what happened to you. I couldn't render my help then, and I had lost all contact with you. Have you been well the past two years? Are you still doing voice acting?

"I changed my name to Luo Sang. Luo Sang felt her warmth. "I'm still studying at Ximei Arts School, and I've dubbed two web series last year already. I also took part in a Thai project.

Ji Nuanyi frowned. "It's such a waste of your talent on a small project like that! Give me your contact details. I'm working on a new show, and we're going into post-production soon. I'll hire you to be my personal voice actor.

"Nuanyi… her assistant interrupted quickly. "Miss Liu already said that Zhou Wanke will be doing all of your voices from now on. If you swap her out so hastily, Miss Liu will be angry…

"I don't think I've signed a contract to hire Zhou Wanye to be my designated voice actor. Ji Nuanyi shrugged. "Anyway, I don't think her voice is suited for me. Haven't you seen all the comments on her newly released drama series? People are saying that her voice seemed out of place in those shows. Luo Sang's voice is much closer to mine, not to mention the fact that Zhou Wanye is Zhong Yi's junior. I wanted to fire her long ago.


"Luo Sang was integral to my success back then, when she was my voice actor then in that tv series, Ji Nuanyi interrupted her. "When I only played small roles back then, Luo Sang was already a big shot in the voice acting industry. She was willing to do me a favor and dub my lines then, and I'll always remember her kindness. I'm more than willing to do the same for her now.


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