Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
279 This Time, He’ll Taste Jealousy Too
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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279 This Time, He’ll Taste Jealousy Too

Zeng Zhun sighed and said, "Everyone knows you're with Zhong Yi, so how could she possibly stay around you? Not to mention the fact that her father is still in prison."

"That's because her family owes me," Yi Jingxi responded, his heart aching.

Zeng Zhun stayed silent, slowly driving the car.

"Maybe I should do it in a different way. When she believes she doesn't need to make use of Nian Junting anymore, she'll leave him," Yi Jingxi murmured to himself with confidence.

At the gate of the community, Nian Junting's shoelace untied. As he dropped the bags and squatted to tie his shoe, he saw a Maserati out of the corner of his eyes.

He remembered seeing a car like that when leaving the supermarket.

Instantly, he figured it out.

Standing up, he turned his head and kissed Luosang on the lips.

"Why?" Luosang didn't know what happened.

"I haven't kissed you in ten minutes." After saying that, Nian Junting abruptly gave her a deep kiss.

Luosang blushed. Seeing that Nian Junting was carrying five bags with both hands, she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him back, then said, "Alright, it's not dark yet. There's so many people, and I'm shy."

She then walked forward without him, turning back from time to time.

The evening glow poured on her beautiful face, making her look like a delicate peony.

Nian Junting silently glanced at the Maserati, gave a smile, then quickly caught up with her.

Last time, Yi Jingxi tried to sow discord between him and Luosang, so this time, Nian Junting decided to let him taste jealousy as well.

What happened just now was just an appetizer; he would torture Yi Jingxi slowly, like boiling a frog with warm water, until he died.

In the car, Zeng Zhun noticed the veins bulging out on the backs of Yi Jingxi's hands because of how angry he was.

"Do you think Luosang has slept with him?" Yi Jingxi asked in a frosty voice.

Zeng Zhun didn't know how to respond.

Yi Jingxi shook his head and continued, "That's impossible. She was with me for so long, but never slept with me, let along Nian Junting. She's so smart, so she definitely knows how to use a man while protecting herself."

Still, Zeng Zhun didn't respond. He wanted to say that it didn't seem like Luosang was using Nian Junting on purpose.

In the kitchen, Luosang was washing the dishes while Yan Su prepared the hot pot seasonings. Glancing at Nian Junting who was sitting on the couch, peeling potatoes while humming a song, both of them felt rather weird.

Yan Su quietly moved to Luosang, saying, "Are you sure that you and Mr. Nian just went to the supermarket and not a hotel?"

The blushing Luosang gave her a threatening glance and responded with, "Where did all this food come from if we didn't go to the supermarket?"

"Could supermarket shopping make him so happy?" Yan Su blinked.

Luosang thought for a moment, then felt that she could only try to explain Nian Junting's behaviors in a way ordinary people would never understand. "Maybe it's because he's never been to a supermarket, but just now, he suddenly found that supermarket shopping is quite interesting," she said.

"…Maybe," said Yan Su.

Twenty minutes later, the hot pot and food was ready.

Once they started eating, Yan Su realized that she really shouldn't be there. At that moment, she sincerely wished that Lu Kang was there too.

"Here, try some beef… lamb… meatbalsl… rice noodles." Nian Junting wouldn't stop putting all sorts of food into Luosang's bowl.

"I'm good, I'm good," she replied. Luosang felt a little embarrassed as Yan Su was there too.

"Didn't you say that I should boil meat for you?" Nian Junting frowned and said, "You eat like a horse. These are just a drop in the bucket for you."

Yan Su coughed.

Luosang rolled her eyes and said to Nian Junting, "Just eat."

Nian Junting moved his bowl slightly toward Luosang and said, "Well, if you don't like me putting food in your bowl, you can put some in mine."

"Don't you have hands? Can't you do that yourself?" she asked.


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