Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
278 Yi Jingxi could see the two of them holding hands clearly
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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278 Yi Jingxi could see the two of them holding hands clearly

"Didn't you say that I was as strong as a bull?" Luo Sang felt blissful, especially when other people looked at her with envy, she was proud to have a boyfriend like him.

"You're not born so strong, aren't you? Too bad you didn't meet someone as good as me, you had to train yourself to be this strong," Nian Junting picked up the bags and walked forward.

Luo Sang was taken aback, her gentle spirit was shaken by his casual remark, she felt her heart flutter.

Nian Junting took a couple of steps before realizing that Luo Sang hadn't caught up with him. He turned around to look at her and caught her staring at him in a daze a meter away.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, nothing much," Luo Sang shook her head and walked towards him. She slung her arm around his.

He hadn't realized that he was spot on with his statement.

She was never so strong before, she slowly trained and built her strength.

She lived alone previously and she had no one to rely on. Taking care of patients also required physical strength and stamina.

"I can't walk properly this way," Nian Junting said.

"No, I want to hold you like this," Luo Sang buried her face into his nape.

Nian Junting looked at her affectionately and he caught her blissful smile and felt a gush of happiness wash over him.

There was nothing he could do.

The two of them walked slowly beneath the sunset, the golden sun cast a long shadow behind them.

None of them saw the black Maserati creeping behind them.

Yi Jingxi was sitting in the back, the car windows were not wound down but he could see the two of them holding hands clearly.

He felt a sharp pain in his chest and a throbbing headache in the back of his eye.

He questioned himself if he was seeing things right.

Why was his beloved with someone else?

There was a time when he walked with Luo Sang in the sunset like this. He was much older than her, and had arranged to bump into her at a business banquet. She was only eighteen years old then, she just started having interest in boys and she was adorable.

It had been many years from then, she had grown up from a teenage girl to a young lady. Now, she was beautiful and elegant.

Someone else was walking with her now.

How did things turn out this way?

Didn't she say that her love for him would be unchanging?

Didn't she say that she would never leave no matter how much he tried to chase her away?

He clutched his chest as he felt the pain suffocate him.

When they walked in the supermarket in the past, she liked to put her arm around his arm like that too.

He always bought lots of foods that she enjoyed.

What was so great about Nian Junting, wasn't he just a tad richer then him? He wasn't doing so bad himself now.

"Zeng Zhun, tell me all of this is a lie," Yi Jingxi inhaled sharply and said coldly, "She's trying to use him, for his fortune and his status., she's using him to achieve her goals and dreams. You were right, I pushed her too far, so far that she ended up with someone else. Why didn't she just come to me, if she begged me, I would have given her everything."

Zeng Zhun looked at Luo Sang helplessly, he wanted to tell Yi Jingxi that Nian Junting had it all. He was rich and powerful, good-looking and charming. No wonder girls fell head over heels for him, but Zeng Zhun didn't have the heart to hurt Yi Jingxi, "She did beg you, what did you by begging you though? Did you want her to use her body, or kneel to you submissively?"

"How could I ask her to do that? I just wanted her by my side, obediently," Yi Jingxi said with a sinister expression.


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