Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
266 Brother Junting, I’m your sister after all
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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266 Brother Junting, I’m your sister after all

"… Alright," Seeing the situation at hand, Nian Junting could only furrow his eyebrows and change the topic, "Regarding the stage collapse, we've reached a conclusion, they will pay a compensation of three million dollars."

"Three million?" Luo Sang was stunned, "Am I dreaming? I get three million just for falling into water? This fortune has come too easily!"


Nian Junting wore a solemn expression, noticing for the first time that she was so money-minded, "Is it worth putting your bodily health at risk for three million dollars? If you like money, just tell me, I will give you whatever you want, if you give your body to me, I'll give you the entire company."

Luo Sang was horrified, her body was too valuable. "Mm… But the events company seems so willing to compensate me, it seems too suspicious…"

"It's highly likely that Ye Chuen was responsible."

Nian Junting said frankly, "My grandfather got his contacts to close the case, I'm not in a good position to challenge him. After all he is already so old, I hope you can understand."

"Mm, I understand."

Luo Sang nodded, she had long guessed as much, after all Chuen was family, it was only because of Nian Junting that she would be getting three million dollars. If not for her, it was likely that she would not be able to get any compensation at all, she might even have had met with more dire consequences.

"However, we can't just let things be, I've thought of a plan to deal with Ye Chuen. Come with me tomorrow morning, I'll show you," Nian Junting added.

Luo Sang wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, didn't he just say that he did not want to challenge his grandfather? "I have a class tomorrow morning, I've been postponing it for days, I cannot postpone it any further, but what are you planning to do?"

"I'm not saying, if I do then it'll be pointless," Nian Junting glanced at his watch, "It's 4.30pm now, we can also do it at night, it'll be pretty exciting."

He stood up to make a phone call.

Inexplicably, Luo Sang felt a little sympathy for Ye Chuen.

To be taught a lesson by someone as mysterious as Nian Junting, one would never be able to predict his next course of action.

After making the call, he told Sister Lan to prepare dinner earlier. At 5.30pm, after they had finished eating, he drove the both of them out.

He drove straight towards the outskirts of town, towards Mount Yanling.

Mount Yanling was only recently opened to the public as an attraction for the people in the city. There was water-rafting, a water theme-park, and bungee jumping.

It was late, and the attractions had been closed. Although there were lamps lining the streets, it was still dark.

"What are you planning to do here?"

"We're nearly there," Nian Junting drove all the way to the summit.

At the summit, there was a bridge linking Mount Yanling to the opposite mountain. Nian Junting parked the car, got out and helped Luo Sang to open her door. He then dragged her towards the direction of the bridge.

At the entrance to the bridge, was Ye Chuen being surrounded by two big burly men. Lu Kang was standing at one side, with sympathy etched in his gaze.

"Sangsang, why did you make Brother Junting bring me here?"

Ye Chuen was desperate, she was returning home in the evening when she was taken away by force by Lu Kang at her own gate. Her handphone was also taken away on the drive here, leaving her with no way of contacting her family.

She suspected that the crazy Nian Junting was about to throw her off the mountain.

Luo Sang scowled. Since she knew Ye Chuen had schemed against her, there was no point in playing pretense. "I don't know."

"Sangsang, please ask Brother Junting to let me go, I know he is upset that you had an accident at my place, but it had nothing to do with me, the events company's also willing to compensate you with three million dollars."

Ye Chuen pleaded pitifully, "Brother Junting, I'm your sister after all."


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