Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
234 How was Luo Sang humiliated at the poker game?
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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234 How was Luo Sang humiliated at the poker game?

Nian Junting was shocked.

He always saw Luo Sang as a strong and independent woman, he couldn't imagine her shedding a single tear. She was different from those weak women he met in the past.

He also couldn't imagine a girl being humiliated like that.

He couldn't imagine Luo Sang being beaten up in the toilet.

He couldn't imagine her being trapped in a classroom, shuddering from the cold.

He couldn't imagine her being bullied by other boys.

He was angry and he felt a stinging pain in his heart.

He felt sorry, sorry that she had to go through all those hardships.

She didn't tell him any of these painful memories, she buried the pain and wore her scars beneath that beautiful exterior.

He thought about how many times she had to hide her sorrow with a light smile.

How could his woman be bullied?

If only he knew her earlier.

"Also, Zhong Yi was her best friend who ended up betraying her with Yi Jingxi. I heard that she used to do voice acting too, Luo Sang used to recommend her to production teams when she was doing well herself, but Zhong Yi backstabbed her by cheating with Yi Jingxi," Xiao Si continued.

"Yi Jingxi that scum should be scrapped from her life sooner," Nian Junting replied coldly.

Zhong Yi, good, he would remember that name.

"Yeah, no matter what kind of man Luo Sang's father was, she didn't do anything wrong. It's quite unfair that she had to suffer like this," Xiao Si said regretfully.

"I'll remember that man, Yi Jingxi. Oh yeah, how was Luo Sang humiliated at the poker game?" Nian Junting said before pausing.

"Um… Well…"

"Speak," Nian Junting sounded harsh.

"Well… Zhou Yanfeng splashed a glass of wine onto her, he thought that Luo Sang was playing around with my feelings, that's why he…"

"I haven't seen Zhou Yanfeng in a while, let's all hang out someday," Nian Junting said curtly before he hung up.

Zhou Yanfeng huh, he'll remember that name too, he'll remember all of them.

Back in the wards, Yan Su had already changed Luo Sang into a fresh set of clothes and she was on the phone with someone, "I just don't get it, why would the platform suddenly collapse?"

Mid-sentence, she noticed Nian Junting walking into the room and quickly hung up.

"Who was it?"


Nian Junting didn't say anything more, he walked up to the bed and looked at Luo Sang who was sound asleep. Her face was as white as a sheet, her lips were pale and her face slightly gaunt, he didn't remember her to be so skinny.

Was it because of Yi Jingxi?

Yan Su looked at him and got reminded of those typical scenes in television drama, he should be sitting by her bed and holding her hand in his by now. She excused herself and left him to be alone with Luo Sang.

She slowly backed away and tiptoed to the door before Nian Junting turned to look at her, "How is Luo Sang's relationship with Ye Chuen?"

Yan Su was stunned.

"Just tell it as it is, Ye Chuen is just a distant relative," Nian Junting said coolly.

Looking at his cold attitude towards the Ye family, Yan Su suddenly felt bad for Ye Chuen. Ye Chuen was flaunting about her rich relatives when she mattered so little to them.

"Average I guess, we're amicable roommates, friends. But Luo Sang and I never considered her as a good friend."


"She's… she's from a different world from us. How should I put it? She's always looking down at us from her ivory tower."


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