Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
194 From this day on, her hatred for Yi Jingxi shall never cease
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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194 From this day on, her hatred for Yi Jingxi shall never cease

"All the students from the Ximei arts faculty are the same. You are all looking for chances to latch onto someone rich and powerful. Stop playing hard to get. I know what you're after, and you want me to help you gain popularity don't you? I was going to give you a chance since you were quite pretty, but since Master Xiao fancies you too, I shall not get in the way of someone else. But watch out Master Xiao… you can fool around with her, but I wouldn't dare to touch her if I were you. Careful of transmittable diseases. Who knows how many men she has tried to seduce before me."

After what Yi Jingxi said, the whole room looked at Luosang with despise.

Luosang stood awkwardly and her eyes were brimming with tears.

She realized that Yi Jingxi was already being unkind to her previously with his insults and humiliations.

"Yi Jingxi you are really the most despicable man I've ever met in my life," Luosang walked over to the table and picked up a glass of water, she flung the cup in his face without hesitation.

All the women in the room gasped, and Kashiwa roughly figured out the situation and sat where he was without flinching. Zhou Yanfeng, on the other hand, misread Xiao Si's expression and took Luosang for someone who played with his emotions. He slammed his palm onto the table and flung a glass of red wine onto Luosang's face, "You're just a mere nobody from the art school. Who do you think you are?"

The wine made her fringe wet and flowed down the sides of her cheeks. She blinked furiously as she could no longer hold back her tears. At this point, nobody could tell if she was crying or not.

Yi Jingxi clenched his fist under the table, willing himself not to move.

Xiao Si frowned and tried to stop him, "Yanfeng…"

"Ah Si, I'm helping you teach this woman a lesson," Zhou Yanfeng said coldly, "You're right Mr. Yi, you are a little too naïve, women these days are too sly."

Xiao Si pursed his lips in silence, he was at a loss of words.

Luosang inhaled a sharp breath and wiped her face with her sleeves, raised her head and gave a cold laugh, "Mr. Yi, if you think of me as such a dirty woman, I should keep my distance from you for the rest of my life, in case I infect you with something."

She looked at him meaningfully before turning to leave.

She was going to remember that face, that amount of humiliation he brought to her for the rest of her life.

From this day on, her hatred for Yi Jingxi shall never cease.

Yi Jingxi's pupils constricted and he felt his chest suffocate.

His dark eyelashes were moist from tears welling up in his eyes, her gaze was imprinted onto his mind. He was scared.

He didn't expect himself to say such nasty things, but he couldn't help himself when he saw how concerned she was about Xiao Si's opnion of her.

He was like a crazy person, his mind was in a whirlwind but his face was still plastered with a smile, "Look, what a shameless woman. She's just angry that I blew her cover, she still wants to preserve her modesty after being a sl*t? Master Xiao, you like this kind of women?"

Xiao Si maintained a poker face.

Kashiwa cleared his throat and said, "Oh right, Ah Si, didn't you say that you wanted to discuss something with Yi Jingxi? You told me that you wanted to buy over a movie production company."

"It's fine, I've changed my mind," Xiao Si's face was dark as he stood up and kicked the chair out of his way, stomping out of the room.

"Where are you going, Ah Si? We haven't played any poker," Zhou Yanfeng tried to persuade him, "It's just a woman, don't be angry. I'll introduce you to someone better next time."


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