Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
110 Look at You, Bullying Two Girls
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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110 Look at You, Bullying Two Girls

"I have something else to do, Miss. Xu, please enjoy your time here," Director Zhang said to Luosang apologetically, then left.

"Luo, has Director Zhang offered you a chance to dub for his new film? He's not making you the leading actress, is he?" Tang Ning immediately walked to Luosang and asked.

"No," Luosang shook her head and forced a smile out of her face.

Tang Ning pouted and said, "You can tell me if he wants to make you a star. I won't be jealousy."

Luosang felt a little annoyed, so she ignored Tang Ning but walked to a couch and sat down to rest.

Without Chi Shengxu's recommendation, no one else came to talk to Luosang and her friends. Yan Su and Luosang sat in the couch, drinking. Tang Ning wasn't willing to give up, so she went to find Ye Chuen.

"Did Director Zhang say something to you just now?" Yan Su asked with worry. She hardly ever saw Luosang keeping her head lowered and drinking like that.

"No," Luosang shook her head. She didn't dare to tell Yan Su what happened, because she worried that the latter might not want to be friends with her anymore after finding out that her father was Xu Zhengxuan.

"It's alright if you don't want to tell me. Everybody has their own secrets. But if it's making you feel too bad, you can come to me and get it off your chest. We're good friends." Once Yan Su finished talking, a man put a hand on her shoulder.

"Hello, aren't you two ladies getting bored sitting here?" A middle-aged man stood behind Yan Su, holding a glass of wine. His small eyes looked lascivious when he was smiling.

Yan Su frowned, pushed his hand away and responded with, "We're not bored."

"Eh? You're quite different," the middle-aged man seemed to be dissatisfied by Yan Su's move. "Do you know who I am? Call me Mr. Wei. I'm the owner of Fenglin Electronics. I invested in this movie. You two are pretty. If you spend a night with me, I'll make you the leading actresses for my next movie."

"Let's go," Luosang stood up, held Yan Su's hand and prepared to leave. Her face was filled with disgust.

"Don't you dare," Mr. Wei grabbed her hand and dragged her toward his chest, "Ahyaya, your shoulders, and boobs, I like them."

While speaking, he reached his other hand toward her chest.

"Let go of me! What's wrong with you!" Luosang tried to stop him, so did Yan Su. The three of them nearly started a fight by the window.

They were in a corner, and the venue was large, so only a few people noticed them. The ones who saw it just stood there and watched, none tried to make peace.

Nian Junting was in the Southern part of the venue, talking to somebody. He had been keeping an eye on Luosang. He saw that Luosang and Yan Su were accosted. However, as he was still angry at her, he wanted her to suffer a little.

'You didn't come in with me, so I guess now you've learned hanging around in a place like this isn't easy,' he thought.

He coldly watched Luosang for a while. But soon, he discovered that things weren't quite right, because he saw that Mr. Wei had reached his hand to her chest.

'B*stard, even I never touched her.'

Seeing the two girls falling in disadvantages, he put down the wine glass and quickly walked over.

Before he arrived, Mr. Wei had already pushed Yan Su to the ground and grabbed Luosang's face to pour wine into her mouth.

The wine ran down through her neck, made her look like a mess.

Luosang was already in desperation. So, when such a thing happened to her, she was infuriated. She grabbed a wine glass and smashed it on the table, then pointed the sharp broken glass at Mr. Wei and said, "You try to make me drink again, I'll kill you."

Facing her cold eyes, Mr. Wei was truly frightened a little. "Alright, if you dared to hurt me, I'll send a few men to rape your friend to death."

"Mr. Wei, look at you, bullying two girls," suddenly, an icy-cold voice was heard.

Right after that, Mr. Wei was pushed forward by someone. His face fell straight toward the sharp broken glass in Luosang's hand. He was freaked out as the glass was nearly piercing into his eyeball.


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