Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
99 Because of Luosang, He Had A Sleepless Nigh
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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99 Because of Luosang, He Had A Sleepless Nigh

"Did you go out with Luosang last night?" Yi Jingxi asked another question, but in a much softer tone.

"Her?" Zhong Yi sensed jealousy from the bottom of her heart. "Yeah, but we left after dinner," she said.

"Huh. I'll be back tomorrow," Yi Jingxi responded, then hung up the phone.

Zhong Yi looked at her cell phone, eyes slightly red. Soon later, she sneered at Jian Fei and said, "See, I was right to keep Luosang around, wasn't I? Luosang has disappeared for two years. During that time, I could only see him when I went to the company. But now, he just can't wait to come back, even though he's only left for one day. I heard that he had many things to do back in An City at this time. I thought he'd need three or four days to finish all of his work – even longer. But I was wrong. I guess because of Luosang, he couldn't even sleep last night."

"Zhong Yi…" Jian Fei sighed.

"Don't worry; I'm not jealous of her. I just need more opportunities to spend time with him, so I can make it more possible for him to fall in love with me. As for Luosang, I'll send her to hell sooner or later." Zhong Yi's beautiful face twisted into a vicious look.

Luosang waited in the parking lot for twenty minutes before Zhong Yi showed up proudly, wearing a pair of sunglasses.

She frowned. Why are you wearing sunglasses in the dark parking lot? Can you even see? Aren't you afraid that you might fall to the ground?

Zhong Yi walked up to her, stared at her and said, "It's you who spread the news about me that I was in the club last night, right?"

Luosang gave a bright smile and responded, "No, I didn't do it." She wasn't surprised that Zhong Yi found out so soon.

"You can deny, but I know it's you," said Zhong Yi coldly, "Xu Luosang, mind your behavior. I can still decide if Supervisor Yuan's online series can be aired or not. You better behave yourself from now on. If your friends and classmates learned that you're Xu Zhengxuan's daughter, they wouldn't even talk to you anymore."

Luosang's face darkened slowly.

Zhong Yi continued, "Don't think that you can defeat me with these small tricks. Your ex-boyfriend is so capable that he'll probably have the problem solved before we walk out of this parking lot."

Luosang remained silent. She felt her heart twist, especially when she heard that Yi Jingxi was helping Zhong Yi again. She really wanted to throw a few heavy slaps at Yi Jingxi's face, then break his skull to check his brain. She could accept the fact that he didn't like her, but could never understand why he fell for Zhong Yi. How could his taste be so awful?

Luosang took a deep breath, then smiled and responded with, "Do you expect me to be jealous of you? Sorry, I just wanted to thank you for bringing Yi Jingxi away from me. He's a piece of junk to me."

"You only say that because you can never have him," Zhong Yi said sarcastically, then turned to get in the car. "Get in. Don't make me late for the film," she continued.

Luosang expressionlessly bent over and got into the nanny van.

At the filming site, Luosang found that Zhong Yi didn't have much work to do. Most of the time, she just sat in a chair and asking Luosang to get her water, fan her, or hold her umbrella. The weather in Xia City had been changing sharply these days. The difference between the air temperatures of sunny days and rainy days was over ten degrees. Yesterday was cold with rain, but today was a scorching hot, sunny day. The filming site was near the beach, so after spending a day there, Luosang's exposed skin had already tanned.

After a day and a night spent at the filming site, the exhausted Luosang returned to her dorm. Tang Ning paused in shock when seeing her and asked, "Did you go get a coal-mining job these days?"

Luosang gave a bitter smile.

She would rather to mine coal than work for the lunatic, Zhong Yi.

"Luo, I know that you were born pretty, but you can't be careless about your appearance," said Tang Ning while doing her makeup. "To art students like us, appearance is as important as talent."

Luosang lied on her bed, thinking that Zhong Yi must be planning to make her look tan.


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