Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
51 The Man She Loves was Being Harassed, Yet She Isn’t Anxious About it at All
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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51 The Man She Loves was Being Harassed, Yet She Isn’t Anxious About it at All

Xiao Si gave a little start, then said, "She's your temporary carer. When did she become yours? I think you'll recover in half a month, tops."

"Can we talk about the business?" Nian Junting didn't want to think about the fact that Luosang would be leaving soon, so he said, "Go to the airport to stop Mr. Jiang and his family as soon as possible. We can't let them leave the country. And you need to collect the relevant evidence and contact the Chaunchi Gaisha people; tell them that we were planning to take a stake in their company with 1.6 billion yuan, but now, we will do it with no more than 1.2 billion, and we want absolute shareholding. If they don't agree, we will make publish all the evidence that proves the fact that they tried to buy our employees by illegal means, then hand them to the police."

"Brilliant!" Xiao Si pounded the table in praise, then said, "Chuanchi Gaisha will fall into disrepute if the public knows that they've done such a shameless thing. Plus, the other companies in the industry wouldn't dare work with them for now. Even if other companies have the intention to work with them, they would demand a very low price, and Chuanchi Gaisha would lose more than they could gain."

"As for Huang Haoyun and Mr. Jiang, we don't need to do anything to them. The Chuanchi Gaosha people will hate them more than we do and will definitely deal with them." Nian Junting picked up his chopsticks and began enjoying the fish in his rice bowl. A dim, yet sharp, beam of light flashed across his eyes as he said, "We will save four hundred million yuan, and that'll be a profit from this misfortune."

"Tingting, you are so evil. But I like your evilness," Xiao Si laughed. He then quickly had the dinner and left as he had something urgent to do.

During the meal, Luosang started admiring Nian Junting.

He was narcissistic indeed, but was also was a scarily shrewd businessman.

Luosang now felt that she, herself, was an idiot when she tried to run Xu Pictures before. No wonder Yi Jingxi and the senior members of the company could con her so easily.

Xiao Si was efficient. He soon made contact with Chuanchi Gaosha. The Chuanchi Gaosha people said that they would take a few days to consider the matter, but Nian Junting was eighty percent sure that they would take the deal.

Nian Junting was in a good mood after that. The next day, he went to the hospital for re-examination, and the results were good. So the same day, he tried to stand up in the rehabilitation treatment room.

He was a special patient, so the hospital sent a young and pretty female doctor to keep him company the whole time. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Luosang was happy about that, because she could finally have some free time. She sat in the rehabilitation treatment room, reading materials for the test which would take place when the new school term begins on her phone. The materials were sent to her by Professor Ma. Thanks to Professor Ma's reference, she was able to continue her university study at the Ximei College of Communication. Professor Ma had known her father for thirty years, and was the only person who believed that her father was innocent after he went to prison.

Without Professor Ma, Luosang wouldn't have even had a chance to go back to college.

She was concentrated on reading and didn't even hear the coy words that the female doctor had been saying to Nian Junting the entire time.

Nian Junting suffered an immense amount of pain during the rehabilitation training. At the moment, all he wanted was quietness. However, the female doctor had been constantly trying to get close to him, and that made him more and more agitated.

"Mr. Nian, you're so strong! You managed to stand up in such a short while! Oh my, you actually made two steps… You're amazing… Mr. Nian, what do you enjoy doing after work? You have such a great body shape, so I assume you work out a lot…" said the female doctor.

While sensing the female doctor's unknown strong perfume, Nian Junting turned back to look at Luosang and found that she was looking at her phone. He didn't understand why wasn't she anxious at all when the man she loved was being harassed

He believed that any other woman would have tried anything they could to send the female doctor away already if they were Luosang.


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