Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
36 You Weren’t Here, so Young Master’s been in a Bad Mood the Whole Time
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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Author :Leaf Snow
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36 You Weren’t Here, so Young Master’s been in a Bad Mood the Whole Time

At the first day of the lunar year, Luosang went to the cinema with Nian Xi. They were accompanied by a man named Rong Ye, who looked gentle and mature. He picked Luosang and Nian Xi up from the family house of Nian Family with a Passat, which was worth about two-hundred thousands yuan.

Ten minutes after they left, Nian Junting tasted the grapefruit handed to him by the steward, then his handsome face darkened in dissatisfaction. "Why is the grapefruit peeled by you so sour?" He asked.

Sweat trickled down the steward's face as he responded, "That… Not all grapefruits are sweet."

"Then why all the grapefruits peeled by Luosang were sweet?" Said Nian Junting scornfully. He believed that the steward was trying to pass the buck, and was very irresponsible. "And you're so slow. Are you planting grapefruit?"

The steward wanted to cry but failed to shed any tears. Every grapefruit picked by Luosang was sweet, but he didn't have the luck. "Young Master, I've tried my best. I'm not a professional grapefruit-peeler after all." He said.

"But Luosang isn't one either, is she?" Nian Junting snorted coldly and said, "Forget it, I don't want grapefruit anymore. Go make me some a cup of tea."

Five minutes later, the steward served the tea to him. He took a few sips, then knitted his brows again and said, "Your tea doesn't have the refreshing scent, and taste full of dry bitterness. It's awful."

Not like Luosang's tea, the steward's tea didn't have the nice fragrance which would linger for a long time.

The steward even wanted to die. He graduated from a butler academy, and making tea was a piece of cake for him. However, Nian Junting just criticized his tea for its awful taste.

That didn't make sense.

"Young Master, I made tea like that before," said the steward.

'Didn't you enjoy my tea at that time?' He thought.

"Your skill has fallen off," Nian Junting put down his teacup with disappointment and said, "Massage my shoulders."

The steward put his hands on Nian Junting's shoulder as the sweat broke out on his forehead. But in less than one minute, Nian Junting's angry voice could be heard again.

"Are you trying to kill me?" He said, "You're breaking my shoulders! Your massage skill is not even half as good as Luosang's."

The steward was nearly devastated. Nian Junting's grandmother who sat beside him couldn't bear watching this, so she said, "That's enough. The steward is responsible for managing this house, not massaging and caring."

The steward nodded silently.

Nian Junting sneered, said, "Don't try to find excuses for yourself. Luosang is just a carer, but why can she make good tea, peel grapefruits fast and cook well?"

After saying that, he suddenly realized that Luosang was quite capable. She was able to protect him, cook for him and do many other things for him.

Next, without Luosang's massage, he failed to fall asleep at nap time. And after that, he got up to play mahjong, but played an extremely bad hand. He asked the steward to draw mahjong tiles for him, but the tiles drawn by the steward were even worse than the ones drawn by himself. He lost tens of thousands in the afternoon, so he even wanted to tear the steward into pieces every time he saw him.

Six pm, once getting off the car, Luosang saw the steward walk quickly at her as if she was the savior. "Luosang, you're finally back! I've been expecting you the entire afternoon," said the steward.

Luosang was startled. 'I'm not so close with this steward, am I?" She wondered. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Young Master has been in a bad mood while you're not here. He's been angry at me the whole time," sighed the steward bitterly.

"Is Mr. Nian ever in a good mood?" Asked Luosang.

The steward didn't know how to respond, as he felt that Luosang was quite right.

Luosang assumed that the steward was doing too good in the Nian Family, and had never suffered the difficulties of being with Nian Junting, and believed that was why he was so frustrated now.

She then turned back to say to Rong Ye, "Mr. Rong, thank you for your treat this afternoon."

"Don't mention it. It's my pleasure to be with two lovely ladies on the first day of the year. Contact me by WeChat if you have time." Rong Ye smiled and waved at her, then drove away.


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