Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
102 Oath of the Head Servan
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Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
Author :ICARUS
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102 Oath of the Head Servan

"I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses."

-Friedrich Nietzsche

━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

"Young master, are you okay? Your brother told me to come and get you some medicine." Suddenly, a virile voice interceded as my and the teacher's conversation is assured to be decadent in both theme and message soon enough... It's the household's head servant, Xerxes, together with his overly silent daughter in a mundane maid array. Sweats were running down their faces as if they found my brother's calling for that mere nausea, as somewhat critical...

Wait, it's not about that, isn't it?

Oh, and I remember this scene quite clearly... When I was talking with the teacher rather frivolously while sitting at her lap, Xerxes also came at that time with this identical demeanor, although now, it's a changed-scene with the same plot. And I can't even care if renewing my acts here can affect my present. I've gone too far back, and not to mention, that this is a supposed-sphere of illusion. But the question that remains is; if this in fact, merely shows my past in first-person gameplay, or if it is altered to sway my current perspective. Either way, I can't let my guard down, nor ignore this realistic charade.

"Oh, if it isn't Xerxes and cute Odette, in the worst timing possible... Long time no see!" Exclaims the deranged lady as the butler walks towards me.

"It hasn't been that long since our last conversation. Good morning, Madame Selene. And good work today!... Yet, to somehow preserve this ambiance, I believe that I had already instructed you not to get too close to either one of the young masters especially when they're alone," he said, whilst bowing his head as he stood up in between me and the teacher, while her daughter also stood beside me, both of them looking a little bit defensive as if they know what's undertaking all along.

"What's this? A henchman, calling out someone who he just called as 'Madamme'?"

"Yes, I am indeed a henchman, Madame, and I am rather proud to be such in a position. Yet, as the head servant of this family, I shall always make apparent, the sovereignty that we incorporate, as I have sworn to Mr. and Mrs, Cendrillon prior I served them. And also, I have pledged to protect everyone here, even if it would spell my departure from this world. It would by far be, my greatest pleasure."

"What loyalty and beautifully-constructed phrases!" she said, following it up with applause.

"Thank you for the commendation, Madame... but I believe it's not that noteworthy."

"Hehehehe. It is... Then, it's now my time to bid thee farewell... Later, Jaiden, I hope you remembered the lesson well, as you're somewhat feeling ill today! I hope for your recovery!" She exclaimed, once again carrying that bag, slowly facing away...

"And oh, Xerxes..."

"Yes. Is there anything else, Madame?"

"I really do hope that you'll be able to maintain this 'sovereignty', that you're quite frank of talking about... After all, the status quo is always the hardest to preserve, and not to mention the ephemerality of everything."

"Yes... I will do just that, madame... You can count on me and my fellow henchmen."

"As expected of the land's finest servants, serving the finest aristocrats... Then, later. See you in two days' time! Let us celebrate the heir's birthday like there's no tomorrow..." She said, with a little whimsical giggle coming out from her pursed red lips, while the dark malevolence around her also starts to be more potent as she stated tose words that sounded like a threat...

"Yes, Madame. I will do everything that I can, without fail... We wish you a safe journey."


Then the teacher with as little as the most uninviting grin, left us, riding her personal carriage waiting for her outside.

"Young master! Are you okay?" The butler, as soon as the carriage begins to be out of sight, examined my appearance, looking for something that is not.

"Relax... I'm okay..l By the way..."

"You know what's happening, don't you?" I asked...

"Eh? It's not like you to be asking such questions master... This is the first for me." He said. Well, it's comprehensible. Why? It's because I have always hated questions when at this age. I would rather leave it there unanswered instead of boggling my thoughts with it, whether if it is of serious or of immature query... but this time that I have had this accidental opportunity to re-experience these scenes in my more authentic perspective, it won't do...

"Pardon, for not telling you anything master, but yes, I know. I and Odette kept it hidden under our own sole discretion to not spell any inconvenience to you and the rest of the household. But, it's not that you should be concerned, young master...."

Oh yes... I almost forgot. Even if I act like this mature gentleman, that won't change the fact that I'm still inside this juvenile, and knowing this speculated 'brutal truth' might not be a good idea, for this butler who prioritizes our welfare...

"But, master... Please take heed that you must not get close to Miss Selene. In your brother's birthday, please stay away from her. You can stay by me and Odette, by your brother's side, or preferably you can stay in your room. "


"Well, young master... The answer is quite simple. Miss Selene is a busy woman. We can't disturb her now can't we? Oh and here's your medicine. Please drink it to meliorate your stomachache. " He exclaimed, which clearly is a bluff to cover-up something that he thinks I'm better off not knowing, while also handing this medicine to me. And I remember its taste, very well... It's grotesquely the most bitter stomach medicine there is.

"Ah, I'm fine..."

"Oh, I must insist master, just to make sure..."

"U-uhm.. okay." He made me drink the whole medicine in one gulp, and to my surprise, it has no taste. It's almost like it's purified...

"Xerxes... This is not water, isn't it?" O asked just to make sure...

"No, it isn't, young master... Please do bear with the bitterness. You'll feel a lot better soon."

Eh?Oh, right... This might be one of the aftereffects of having that superfluous emotion called 'disgust', obliterated. Hmmm... It really is convenient. I can surely live with this.

"Now then, young master... I hope that you heard clear and well my request, And at the same time, I promise... that I will protect all of you, without delays. I can't fail my highest-revered Master and mistresse's orders." He said, with the soberest expression a butler can have... and I was dumb to previously think that this is nothing but normal back in the old days.

"Uhm, yeah... Thanks."

"It's my pleasure, young master...By the way, Miss Jean has instructed me to call you, to play with her in the garden. I declined as you were feeling ill, and it got her saddened... Please do meet her, master, now that you're feeling well."


Jean huh... My little sister. As thoughts of her lying dead, came crossing my head, I am a little bit reluctant of meeting her, but... just a little... just a little.

I miss her... and to not feel sadness from it, 'was' and 'is' just a peculiar sensation that a brother can have.

I then left the presence of the head servant and his daughter, trending my feet towards the designated garden...

Yet still, amidst all of the thoughts, one that I can't shake off easily is the possible role and influence of that pianist on my past and present life... Celebrate the birthday like there's no tomorrow, huh?

First, I must gain assessment updates from Azazel, to somehow gain an insight as to how the Patriarch's 'Illusory Valhalla' really works... and hopefully, her algorithms can make me comprehend it's intricateness.

After that, I'll meet Jean.


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