Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
94 Logic of a Sociopath
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Ethereal Paradigm: A Canvas of Black
Author :ICARUS
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94 Logic of a Sociopath

"I'm an 'intelligent' sociopath. I don't have problems with drugs, I don't commit crimes, I don't take pleasure in hurting people, and I don't typically have relationship problems. I do have a complete lack of empathy. But I consider that an advantage."

-M.E. Thomas

━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

You can't lie to me with that harmless demeanor of his. I think that his age really has nothing to do with this, and I'll have to agree with those questioning the showcased performance. There's something more, that this revered patriarch is holding back.

And it may be a little rude to somehow delay these continuous waltzes or something, but I also find it offending, that he's not gearing up at his top-caliber, while here I am relatively paying the price, standing amidst such a crowd and fighting a tedious duel. But, it's a good thing that my nausea a while ago had lifted up, but still...

"Hey, Patriarch Sir...."

"Hmm? What is it?"

"It is still a little bit early to condemn myself as to what I find condescending, but aren't you...somewhat... mocking me?"

"Oy oy... How can you say so? A Patriarch is due to offer the nicest of decorums to foreigners, especially to you humans who are chosen by deities for a very special reason."

Not all of us though... The others which take the vast majority of the contenders just got dragged along.

"How reassuring to hear that someone with a higher office within the likes of these narcissists is still interested in displaying proper manners, and an elder at that, but I know that much, that this is not even near your three percent... I can tell." I exclaimed as he stood confident, still in his martial art stance and I, also quite feeling sure of my claim.

Why can I say so? First. Everyone in that congregation prior, even the king himself acted as though he's the scariest persona one could ever encounter, but this certainly is not.

Second. This may be a gut-feeling, but my introspection tells me that he's being 'easy-go-lucky'.

Third. There's no such mundane-powered and aged Patriarch that can have the power to create a self-created minor realm such as this, and I was acquainted that only deities have the power to do so. which even spices this conspiracy.

Fourth and the most apparent of all... His display of powers doesn't add up to his charisma that's literally everywhere in the coliseum. And it's not only me who can sense it. Celes from afar is even holding out to the aegis not lowering her guard down for even a second.

"Your Griffin was pretty and all, but I'm not quite sure if that's what a revered official of a Kingdom would want to show to me who brings a threat to the social status of the denizens... Especially when those highest on the food chain's luxurious life is at stake, those ones that treat you like you're their last line of defense," I added.

"Hmmm???" The old official as though he just grasped an epiphany or something, ceased his composure with one of his eyebrows, raising in fascination.

And even though I said it in a way that both of us could be the only ones to hear, the coliseum is actually not that happy to attain exclusive conversation... The moment my voice came out from my mouth, it echoed making the audience hear my statements clear... and their reaction was pretty much the same.

"The human is right?!"

"Come on! Where's our former Patriarch at?"


The crowd especially those that I just referred to as those ruling class that positions themselves atop the social's food chain, started to shout as hard as they could, looking at their only hope resorting to such mediocrity while the others just watched as if they have lost the right to even speak, which I think is just to showcase their high reverence for the Patriarch.

But the humans are at an entirely different case, they're staying silent still trying to free some mental capacities to grasp what's happening.

"Oy oy... Looks like I'm being pushed to a corner eh... And I even wanted to lose on purpose, what a shame..." He answered, silencing everyone up and shutting down their request for more elevated Paradigm Display.

" I appreciate the offer, but I'll have to say no this time."

"Oh, It's okay... But what I can't understand that much, is you pushing me to reveal my Paradigm's true ability, while... you're also hiding yours. That's quite the inequality there don't you think?" He began exclaiming.

"To be specific... Requiem Aranea's Paradigm Shift. In case of that Goddess, Dea Lacrimosa, before she got promoted to the divine hierarchy, she can control anything that's dark even the night skies in exchange for her lifespan depending on her time usage... while the consequence of using it above the prescribed limit was also worth the gold... That, she's got to experience the dark negative emotions that she had converted, to be her Arsenal of power, first-hand..."

Hell, this guy's even more informed than me in accordance with that Goddess.

"And your, who is her Herrscher... It's different but more lethal? Oy oy, losing a hundred-day lifespan for once per three-days usage, while a year for deviating from the limit... Now that's quite something." He added, which almost seemed to be like a threat from his wide variety of network information.

It's not gonna kill me to have someone know that, but I don't think it would spell me any good if I were to confirm that explicitly either. I'll just have to keep my stature... Silence is the best answer after all.

"So what are you suggesting?"

"Well, would you care to show me? I'll also show you mine."

Forgive me, that statement right there made it look like that the topic has been entirely deviated of that, to suddenly become of Di*ks. I'll just give him the same deadpan face.

"Oy oy, why the poker face? Don't you think it's just fair? I may not look like it or anything, but I'm also a true equality activist!"

"Says him, whose Kingdom's equality system is completely deranged..."

"Ehehehehe... Now that you've mentioned it... I accepted the job for the perks without even knowing what to do."

"Eh... So you're also liable with that social fiasco huh, Patriarch, Ambassador of equality. sir..." I sardonically responded, with a dead fish's facade.

"Oy oy, hehehe."

"So to the main point. You're saying that, if I will use my Paradigm Shift, you will also respond in full, likewise, right? "

"That, indeed. If you will showcase what you're truly capable of, then, I, Durandal, the Patriarch of a puny Kingdom, will respond so in the same manner. Of course, without the previous want to enthusiastically and purposefully lose." He answered with a hysterical expression written all over his face, coalesced with soberness, which spelled a great difference to his first lethargic entry.

"Then, let's just get this over with..."

"Azazel," I called the AI Maiden.

"Yes, Master?"

"Paradigm Shift, Dark by Default..."

"But it hasn't been three days after your previous use... That would cost you a year of your lifespan, Master... Do you wish to proceed?"

Well, there's no getting around it. A year is just a year... and also, without resorting to lame excuses, I just want to know what I'm really capable of aside from chains and manipulating dark intents and negative emotions which were the only things that I used on my first Paradigm Shift Utilization, which is quite insignificant.

And besides, as Lacrimosa extrapolated it on our last conversation... 'Gain experiences as much as I can.', and this event might as well fall on the same category.

"Do proceed."

"Affirmative, Master."


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